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What Fruits Are Good For Cats? Can My Cat Eats That?


The 10 fruits listed in the table below are safe to feed your cats ( and even with dogs). Some fruits will have a higher natural sugar level, so take note whenever you want to feed your cats. If your cats consume too much sugar, they will become fat and slow, and also with lazy

And don't forget to wash the fruit and also with eliminating pits, seeds, skins, and cut them into pieces before you feed your cats. Let's find out top 10 fruits are good for your cats and 5 fruits are NOT good for your feline.

Top list fruits are good for cats (and also with dogs)


Can my cat eats watermelon?

I have received a lot of messages asked about: "Can my cat have a slice of watermelon?". Why not? watermelon contained more than 90% of water, super-duper good at keeping your cats hydrated, besides, watermelon has good vitamins and nutrients such as potassium, vitamin B-6, vitamin C, and vitamin A, which can improve muscle of your cats

You cat will be happier if you removed all the small black-seed inside the watermelon



Can my cat eat oranges?

Actually, cats are not real fans of oranges, some cats might love and most are not. Also, oranges might hurt sensitive nose of cats, if your cats love oranges, you will need to make sure remove all seeds, peel, leaves, or stem of oranges, because they contain oils that are poisonous and very dangerous to your cats

But oranges contain a good amount of Vitamin C and also with other nutrients which will improve your cat's immune system and clean toxins from the body



Can my cat eat banana?

This is the fruit I recommended for your cats, thanks to potassium in bananas, it's good for heart and kidney

Just the same as raspberries, bananas have high natural sugar and carbohydrates which can cause fatal to your cats if they consume too much. The best ways are you can slice them into small pieces and feed your cats sparingly



Can my cat eat pineapple?

A piece pineapple a day will keep the vet away, with vitamins such as folate to zinc, and great an amount of minerals. Pineapple will help your pets has good digestion and immune system

And don't forget pineapple has natural sugar so feed your cats with a small amount, and also remember to remove all the hard skin and the spikes, they might cause choking hazards if your cats consume



Can my cat eat raspberries?

Low sugar + lots of fiber + vitamins C. You can't find any great food that this, and also, no dangerous poisonous pit or seed.

But that doesn't mean you can feed your cat freely. In raspberries have xylitol as know as naturally occurring sweetener, if your cats or pets consume too much, it might cause fatal to your feline.



Can my cat eat strawberries?

Have you ever tried mixed sliced fresh strawberries with cat food? If not you have to try, Strawberries is extremely good for cats and harm-free, also the nutrients help strengthen the immune system and slow all issues related to aging




Can my cat eat apricot?

Apricots are the best treats for any breed cats and dogs, thanks to potassium and beta-carotene which help your pets fight against cancer. Make sure your pet doesn't eat the pit which is very dangerous and poisonous



Can my cat eat mangoes?

Skin removed mango are a very good treat for your cats, they are fresh, help ease digestive issues and packed with good vitamins against sickness. Just like apricots, remember to remove the middle pit, it contains poisonous amounts of cyanide which will cause death if your pet consumes.



Can my cat eat cranberries?

Cranberries have manganese, fiber, and vitamin C. So the next time your pet wants to snack, feed him/her cranberries. Only if they can handle all that tartness! They are perfect for cats or even for dogs .



Can my cat eat apple?

Apples are high in fiber and low in fat, making them an ideal snack for overweight or senior pets who may have a slower metabolism. They're also packed with vitamins A and C which are essential for maintaining healthy bones and tissue. Feed your pet apples in moderation and remove the core and seeds first, as they contain cyanide.




Top list fruits are NOT good for cats (and also with dogs)

Cherries: Toxic, just like chocolate

Avocado: Poisonous to cats

Grapes (and Raisins): Bad for your cat's kidney systems

Grapefruit: Just like cherries, toxic for cats

Limes and also with lemons: Very bad for your cat's tummy


Useful Tips

 Simply to keep all your food out of reach of your cat, make sure they can't climb or jump on it, the refrigerator is the best place to keep them 

Also, all those fruits above should only be considered as treats

If you have any questions, please drop in the comment below. And if you love the post and feel like it is very helpful then don't forget to share it

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