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Hilarious Comics That Reveal The Reality Of Living With Cats

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Many people feel that a house only becomes a home when a cat lives there. If your family includes a cat, you’re in good company. Cats are popular pets and they bring much love and joy to their human companions. However, it’s not all candies and flowers in the life with cats. They are cunning and unpredictable creatures. They could pee on your favorite dress, or break your precious vase, while waking you up at 3am for absolute no reason! You will never know with cats. Scroll down to check out these comics for more examples of how life with cats can be.

1. My cat do the paw-ty every night

2. Eww, how long do I have to surfer this!

3. Be kind, be nice, and be bite!

4. Cat is trying to rule my house

5. Everything is changed when you spend time with your cat

6. What those cat say, lol

7. Me after 3 days far from home work, and the cat don't remember me

8. A reason that only boss can accept (or not) lol

9. Don't mess with my tummy belly

10. Yes hooman, I do what I want

11. The energy is charging!

12. Hah, I still fit this box, I'm fabulous

13. Nope, just asking for fun

14. The spot I need, is where hooman work, and doing homework

15. Only cats are perfect, something you can learn from cat: Love yourself

16. No matter you do, we are still friend, lil fella

17. A real story...

18. When my cat want attention

19. The only feeling I need, but all is love

20. Catto like: my hooman are weird man

21. All of my friend have child, and I still have 3 cats

22. I know your feeling

23. Hang out with the catto, an end year paw-ty

24. Come back catto, noo

25. A real cat owner will not move!

26. 3:AM story

27. I follow the light

28. I do enjoy water from no where

29. Every cat person will know this feeling

30. Just slap his face, and everything we will know later

31. Omg food food, more more

32. Every time I play with my cat before meet someone

33. Good morning hooman, now eat this

34. Every morning

35. Everything will better when you sleep at night

36. Always

37. A reward for you, congratulation

38. It's called: Style

39. Just throw it to the ground

40. It will never in the bed, don't waste money guys


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