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20+ Animal Photos That Add Vitamins For Your Day

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Sometimes we just wish there weren’t Monday. Our spirit is with Saturday and Sunday but we have to leave the house for work on Monday morning. Then we need something to boost our mood. A healthy and delicious breakfast would be ideal. But reading something funny and interesting also helps. It brings you smiles and laughs in just a few seconds. Perfect!

Here are 29 animal photos that we would like to share today. They promise to add more vitamins to your Monday. Angry, relaxed, bored, happy, or sleepy, these furry guys make humans around them fall in love with their facial expressions. They are so real. You can certainly “translate” how these animals feel when looking at these pics. Let’s check them out!





1. The perfect place to lay down while in the car with our owners

2. You are a sneaky man. You make me angry but keep imitating me. I won’t talk to you in 10 minutes

3. Are you kidding me, hooman? This fluffy toy looks like me? No way!

4. You are gonna leave home for a while, mom?

5. Such an adorable curly cat!

6. Happy to go to the supermarket with my mother!

7. Is there anything interesting to take selfies together? Only playful young humans do this

8. The long fluffy hair covers my eyes a bit, mom. I think that I should get a haircut

9. Is there anything better to chill in winter? I really enjoy these moments. You guys wanna join me?

10. Smile never ends on me!

11. The most perfect place to keep warm all day long in winter. Don’t forget to ask your siblings to join

12. You still don’t realize that I’m a boss in this family. Do you?

13. A glass of milk!

14. The most powerful medicine when you are constantly tired after work

15. I know that I’m tiny

16. What time is it, mom? I’m still asleep. Could I sleep for 10 more minutes?

17. Do you have new clothes for Christmas

18. This is my new sibling. We look exactly the same, right?

19. Time flies, we change. But our relationship remains

20. You are making me a bit scared, hooman. Could you talk more softly

21. There is something that will never change. The way we snuggle up to our humans

22. I’m just thinking of which presents my parents will give me at Christmas

23. Such an adorable snowboy

24. Best selfie with my man ever

25. So priceless, tiny and small

26. I know that people can’t get enough of my cuteness.

27. Do I have to act like this for the photo? Do I look pretty cool, then

28. I also want to drive our car, dad

29. I’m trying to scare my humans but fail


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