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20 Cats Who Love Sleeping In The Weirdest Places

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As you know, cats are masters of sleeping. They spend most of their time sleeping and can sleep as much as 20 hours a day. When nap time comes around, our furry friends will find some safe and warm places to fall asleep. But sometimes, they have been spotted sleeping in the weirdest places that no one can imagine.

Here are 20 photos of cats who are experts in the sleep department. Take a look at this list and you willl agree with us that there is literally no place and no position in which a cat cannot take a nap.




1. Couldn’t find the right mascara for my whiskers, so decided to take a little nap 

2. Our match was a bit too tiring, leave me alone

3. I came to see what you were up to, but had to take a nap first

4. My superpower is my sleeping camouflage

5. Do not disturb

6. I tawt I taw a puddy tat

7. Again, my cat has found another strange way to sleep

8.This kitty cat loves sleeping in boxes

9. They are a match made in heaven (or maybe at the shoe store)

10. The tunnel cat

11. These books put me to sleep

12. Hope grandma won’t miss that plant very much

13. George likes to sleep on the back of the couch

14. Because who doesn’t love the feeling of a soft pair of slippers

15. My dude is taking a nap in the sink here, so you have to wait if you want to wash your hands

16. Who doesn’t love the smell of fabric softener

17. Don’t judge me coz you ain’t me

18. Find the catto

19. Sleeping kitten with natural

20. A very hygienic catto


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