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20+ Funny Pics Of The Pets Through "Hidden Camera"

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Are you curious about what your pets do when you’re not looking at them? You might think of them spend their days looking out the window waiting for you or stand by the door until you return. But the fact is these furry friends start having as much fun as possible. They just enjoy home-alone moments by doing everything they want.

Here are 25 pics of the pets through a “hidden camera”. You will laugh out loud when seeing these. They just entertain themselves when nobody is watching. Life is never boring to these guys. They are masters of adding color to their daily life, even in darkest days. And this personality teaches humans around them. If you make your days more enjoyable, it will become a worth-living life. Let’s check them out!





1. I do not make a mess. I just find some missing stuff

2. Huh? Do you understand what I mean? I did tell you to stay here to wait for me but you didn’t

3. What a quirky boy

4. Behave like a queen even when I’m sleeping

5. These guys have made a mess and looked at me with these innocent face when I identified them

6. She stole some cupcakes and was caught on the spot

7. Huh? Hidden camera? I know exactly what you are doing, boy

8. Finally, I got my nest

9. Try sitting like a cat

10. Because I don’t know what to do now

11. He builds his new home in an open suitcase when nobody is watching

12. My puppy steals the food from my neighbors and brings it home confidently. What should I do with him?

13. Stretching out while eating? Consume calorie and burn it at the same time

14. You think I don’t understand what you say? I read you like a book

15. His owner promised to buy him a new toy but he forgot. And here is his reaction. Run to the garden and sit “helplessly

16. I’m just playing hide and seek

17. This is how he sits when watching a boring film

18. What a boring day! There isn’t anything that interests me

19. This is his favorite sitting posture

20. Spidercat! Don’t know where she has gone

21. He steals the leftover spaghetti on the dish when I turn away

22. My owners told me to wash my hand after going to the toilet

23. Everyone should try their best at the race. And I just do the same, beat my owner to win

24. He finds a new spot to play hide and seek

25. Pretend to snuggle my owner to steal his food. Am I smart?


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