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20+ Hungry Pets Who Will Do Anything To Get Food

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People like to eat tasty food, and our beloved pets are no exception. They love eating and are not shy about their love for food. Once they are hungry and want to eat, they will do everything they can to get food and satisfy their empty stomachs. For these pets, there is nothing more important than food.

We here have made a list of funny pets who know precisely how to get what they want by using all the techniques in their armory. From being the cutest pets to fluffy hooligans, these pets have no shame in getting food. So scroll down below to check them out for yourself! They will most certainly brighten your day!





1. This is a counter height table. The dog is standing

2. My sphinx protests that I don’t give her more food, even when her bowl of food is full

3. He woke me up at midnight because he ate all of his food

4. Someone had to go sprinting across the room to eat his treat

5. He loves people food so much that he’s become a cereal stalker

6. My doggo thinks that if he sits like a human, he will get the human’s food.

7. He hasn’t been fed for an hour and is desperate

8. That’s how they become so strong and chubby

9. Thoughts and prayers for Miles. I am 3 minutes late with his dinner

10. My friend’s dog fell asleep while begging for treats

11. I can never enjoy food alone at my house

12. My majestic pupper when she saw the bank teller bringing her a treat

13. It’s painful to watch him try to ignore my food while sneaking side glances

14. My pet sitter sent me this update. Note the full tub of food she’s pretending she doesn’t have

15. This little guy visits us every couple of days. He eats the cat’s food and then takes a nap in the cat house

16. He spent 10 minutes tearing open the bag, only to realize it wasn’t his food

17. This neighborhood cat just walked in and started eating my cat’s food. She is not impressed

18. How our cat sits on the bed when he wants food in the morning

19. That’s what you get for trying to get into the food container, Norman

20. Meet Vincent. I gave him a piece of watermelon today and thought I should share his reaction

21. Bringing out the treat bag

22. I’ll just sleep right here so nobody steals my food

23. Jackson has found where we hide his food


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