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20 Pet Photos That Will Show How Blessed We Are To Have Them In Our Lives

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Anyone who has ever owned a pet knows that they have a special power of making our lives better. They improve our mood and give us a boost of energy to feel happier and healthier. Besides, they are smart and loyal companions who are there for us whenever we need them. Not only do they give us wonderful companionship, but they also provide us with unconditional love and endless happiness. Some researchers have shown that pets actually have a measurable impact on our mental or physical health at all.

We believe that keeping a pet is perhaps one of the best experiences we humans will ever have. That’s the reason why we collected photos of pets that prove pets really do improve our lives. After all, pets are angel gifts to us from heaven. God created us to have a bond with animals. This is not only true of dogs and cats, but certainly of other creatures. They are God’s gift to us as human beings.




1. I thought the newborn cries would scare the cats off, but it looks like the newest member of the pack has been accepted

2. My cat Nakatomi loves flowers

3. Our Maine Coon, Max, loves to cuddle in the morning

4. Say cheese…

5. Best friends since day one

6. Father and son nap time

7. Met this one on my way home yesterday

8. She always makes this face when you give her some good neck scritches

9. My good boy protecting/comforting my tired wife. We just found out my wife is pregnant — she has been very tired recently

10. Irrespective of how my mood is, he just keeps his paw on me in an understanding way, and makes my day

11. My cat opens her mouth wide when I pet her head and I had to share her magnificence

12. First time looking out a car window

13. Give me that treat please…

14. My little puppy seeing snow for the first time

15. They both enjoy looking at trucks out the window. Now he can hang out with his best friend

16. This is us. Mommy, Caetana, and Luz (means light) our baby girl, 2 years ago, when we got her

17. Love the way she looks at me

18. My dog chilling with my daughter in a kiddie pool

19. My wife is 30 weeks pregnant, and this is how her cat cuddles with her

20. My dog when she was a tiny fluff ball


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