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20 Times Animals Were Caught Right In The Act

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Sometimes our animal friends get caught in the act with hilarious consequences. Some pet owners are lucky enough to catch their beloved pets in the act and share their photos with the world. From opening the fridges on their own to sleeping at the most unusual positions, animals are more talented than we image.




If you’re curious to see how clever animals can really be, take a look at our list below! Here are 20 animals that were caught right in the act by their owners. We are sure that these animals will make your day better and get your daily dose of happiness.

1. Found one of my cat’s hoarding stashes

2. Setting up a new fish tank and came back to find my cat inside of it

3. While kayaking my son found a stowaway in his shoe

4. My cat seems to be having an existential crisis

5. My cat figured out how the fridge works and now he’s turnt on fresh, crisp water

6. Spent 10 minutes looking for my cat before I went to bed. Found him asleep in a wok on top of the freezer

7. So I walked into the kitchen at 5:30 a.m. and saw this in the sink… This is not my cat

8. So… I recently discovered my dog likes carrots

9. My sisters dogs started barking and then her cat did this

10. When you’re napping but you also have to practice your ballet

11. My cat just came back from one of her evening strolls with someone else’s keys in her mouth

12. I caught my cat trying to be invisible

13. Found her sleeping inside a pillow

14. My cat secretly loves the printer, so I sent him a message

15. One of my pillows fell off my bed. This is where I found it in the morning

16. My wife just texted me this picture of our cat

17. I woke up to my dog acting like a cat

18. I finally caught whoever’s been letting the cat in the garage

19. My cat messed up a single part of my window shades… I never realized why until just now

20. My dog isn’t allowed on the couch. This is his solution

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