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22 Times Cats Said “If It Fits, I Sits” And Proved Themselves Right

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There’s only one thing that felines love more than laying around and doing sweet nothing – and that’s fitting into small places. They take even bigger pleasure in wrapping themselves in an Amazon box, a shoe shelf, or even a pizza box, when they know that their human thinks they won’t be able to fit – oh, the pleasure of proving your human slave wrong…

While a lot of us find this cat behavior bizarre (I mean, why would you put yourself in a place that looks painfully uncomfortable), scientists have a couple of explanations for this amusing feline antic.

Another reason why cats love curling up in small and tiny places, is that it helps them preserve their body heat. The thermoneutral zone for a domestic cat is 86 to 97 degrees Fahrenheit, which happens to be 20 degrees higher than ours. Therefore, getting into a tiny box may serve as a smart heat-saving strategy.

Whatever the exact reasons, let’s admit it – cats can be very hilarious!




1. All Cats Are The Same

2. Angry Dad Cat Liked To Sit In The Sink By Himself… Until

3. Nice To Have A Buddy When You’re Down And Out

4. I Don’t Fits, But I Still Sits

5. Big Cats Love Boxes Too

6. If I Fits I Sits (Fancy Edition)

7. Cat Logic

8. Apparently Any Size Box Will Do

9. Move Over… Then We Can Both Fits

10. My Girlfriend’s Cat Was Reunited With The Basket He Was Brought Home In

11. Cat Whale

12. I Don’t Even Understand How This Is Possible

13. If We All Fits, We All Sits!

14. We Fits!

15. If I Fit, I Sit, this one is so good

16. Those Eyes

17. I’ve Made A Huge Mistake

18. Did some one order a jelly box?

19. So much fur, so fluffy

20. If I Fits, I Sits


21. Everything Is Fine, I Is Comfortable

22. What Do You Mean I Can’t Fit?


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