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24 Of The Most Hysterical Animal Pictures That Could Set Your Mood For 2022

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We not only make the resolutions to start the New Year but also need a mood for a good start of the year that we can use for the rest of the 12 months. What can be a better mood than our furry friends? Nothing justifies our mood better than the adorable animals. The cute, funny and weird faces are a whole mood we can definitely relate to. For all the animal lovers we have a list of the cutest animals who have been captured with their truest selves that can be a whole mood and a vibe for you. So, scroll down to see some of the adorable animals that wouldn’t only make your day better but can also set your mood for 2022.



1. He heard a noise mid-bath and sat like this for 2 full minutes

2. People smile for selfies, he decided to yawn for the selfie

3. That’s how we look after taking a bath

4. He sits and stares at his picture like this

5. Still a baby who thinks he is a lap dog

6. The face that you make when you are caught red-handed

7. When he starts throwing tantrums without any obvious reason

8. My friend caught the true essence of my dog’s relationship with water

9. When you are not noticing him, he stands on the coffee table and makes funny faces like this

10. We are confused if it’s a bridge or our dog

11. I said smile for the camera, but I didn’t think he actually would

12. When the cat steals your favorite spot

13. Me looking cute while convincing mama to get me ice cream

14. Meet Gary, the fatto catto

15. After a long day of chasing rabbits and ducks, he fell asleep in the car like this

16. Come, hug me, human

17. Me enjoying my trip vs. me realizing it’s the last day of the trip

18. Now I know why my plant died

19. When you tell him to pose for the pictures

20. The face that he makes when he hears the word, “frisbee”

21. Mood for 2021

22. When you have been cleaning the whole day and hubby walks around with dirty feet

23. Meet Ozzy, he just found a ball on his way back home

24. When you think it would be fine to paint with a cat in your lap

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