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25 Fur Babies That Didn’t Want To Take A Selfie But Still Ended Up Looking Good

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I don’t understand how people make these fan accounts on Instagram for pets. They post such perfect pictures of their cats and dogs sitting patiently or doing something cute. How do they get them to do it? What witchcraft is this? Every single time I have tried to take a picture with any of my pets, they make it a mission to ruin the selfie. I will end up with a scratch on my face and a blurry image on my phone. And it is not that my pets are not well behaved, they are actually very obedient. They just do not like taking selfies. I guess they do not like being forced to sit or pose in a certain way if they don’t want to.



I am glad to find out that I am not the only person whose pets hate taking selfies. Even though my selfies end up in complete chaos, some of these pets, unwillingly, end up looking good in the picture they did not want to take. I guess they are just very photogenic. Scroll down below to see some fur babies that didn’t want to take a selfie but still ended up looking good:

1. Come on now, human. I was sleeping

2. The thinker

3. Have you done yet hooman?

4. I am going to awake you in your sleep, at the night

5. Stay away human

6. Bleepy bois

7. I’m too special to be grumpy

8. Let's sing a song little catto fella

9. I’ve simply accepted my fate

10. Just follow my lead, little buddy

11. Please, someone halp me

12. The cat in the background is a legend

13. I am going to keep ignoring you until you take away that camera

14. I don’t want any kisses from you

15. Tongues out

16. Attention on the ceiling

17. Just take my paw and leave me alone

18. Showing off the paws

19. Yes, human, I am looking at you. Put that phone away

20. Derpy husky baby

21. Don’t you dare take my picture

22. These two are so happy

23. Put that face away

24. You see that rage? It’s coming your way

25. An angry fluff

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