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30 Of The Most Adorable Photos Of Cat Dads And Their Furry Friends

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It was thought that cats were for women, and dogs were for men, so a woman who preferred dogs, or a man with cats may have some major gender issues. That’s why there are plenty of stereotypes and the stigma out there when it comes to guys who own cats. It was also believed that you should always choose a dog dude over a cat dude for dating, but these theories are stupid and wrong.

A man who is only into dogs does not work for love and chases the easy catches. A man who earns a cat’s love fully understands how to earn a woman’s love. They are sensitive, deep and caring, they prefer staying home reading books to exploring the world like those adventurous dog guys.

Date a cat man is a great thing for you. These guys, like their cats are never boring and are an excellent addition to your life. Wherever you stand on the great cat/dog divide, there’s something about a human and an animal sharing an obvious connection that is oh so attractive. Scroll down below to see the list of cute cats and their dads and share your own in the comments!




1. This Looks Too Comfy

2. My Best Buddy And Bodyguard

3. Rolled Over One Morning To See The Cutest Thing Ever

4.  I’m Going To Be A Dad In A Few Months So I’m Practicing With The Cat

5. My Boyfriend Said He Doesn’t Like Cats

6. That Moment When You Look At Your Best Friend And You Realize That You’re Both Legends

7. Daddy’s Boys

8. The Bond Between My Dad And His Cerebral Palsy Cat. He Fell And Needed Love

9. My Dad Found A Kitten Who Prefers Sleeping Like This Crying Outside A Couple Days Ago

10. No Kids Just Cats

11. Caturday

12. My Boyfriend Cliff Works From Home, But Our Kitten Simon Insists On Being Held Multiple Times Throughout The Day

13. My Dad Has Achieved 100% Cat Relaxation

14. A Seriously Cute Moment Between My Boyfriend And Cat

15. Whatever You’re Doing Or Tackling Today, Just Know We Support And Love You

16. Snooze On Dad’s Shoulders

17. My Dad Fixing The Pool. His Cat Likes To Help. He Would Tell You Otherwise, But He Loves That Cat

18. My Dad’s Rescue Cat Wasn’t Properly Weaned And Was Very Neglected. The Only Way He Will Drink Water Is If My Dad Holds A Cup. He Does This Multiple Times Per Day

19. Dad’s A Heat Radiator So We Love To Snuggle With Him

20. One Of My Favorite Photos From Way Back When I Was A Kitten Backpacking With My Dad

21. Let's grow old together

22. Sweet Sunday Morning Lickins For Dad

23. Another Episode Of Caught Cat Napping Under The Sheets, That’s A Wrap

24. My Emotional Support Animal

25. How My 20-Year-Old Cat And 70-Year-Old Father Spend Their Evenings

26. My Boyfriend Is Comforting Our Cat, He Had A Rough Day

27. Here’s An Outtake From Our Bathroom Shoot The Other Day

28. Family Photo

29. Hitching A Free Ride Up The Hill As Usual. I Guess We’ll Keep Him Around

30. My Dad Tends To Hold The Cat’s Hands When He Nods Off


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