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Artist Illustrates His Cat’s Life At Home In 33 Simplistic And Cute Comics

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Staying at home during stay at home can be challenging. It can be hard for us, and this is no exception to our beloved pets.

Recently, an artist and a cat owner named Edison Rruga from Albania, created some funny and cute comics that show how his cat Coco reacted to stay at home. Through his comics and illustrations, he wants to show everyone the life of pets during the stay at home.

Scroll down to enjoy these comics!



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1. Ooh! You brought me lunch!

2. How to play fetch with your hooman

3. They leave the house so you think they’ve gone to work, but it turns out they only went to the corner shop

4. I will save you

5. I am social, I just don’t like people

6. Yes, I am very busy, first I have to test the suitability and cushioning effect of the keyboard, and then… I tell you the rest later

7. I called the crew to know about this “cornteen"

8. Distancing is very important, hooman

9. An intruder in house. I will save you hooman

10. Of course. But mirrors are useful for checking you look your best at all times

11. Fishy, I wouldn’t trust the cat if I were you

12. But my oh my what a captivating red dot…

13. If yesterday was Monday, I think today it’s Friday for sure!

14. I fought a spider. I am a spider cat now

15. I think it’s one of Picasso’s works (cubism)

16. Whether I like the shirt is determined by what I am intended to do with it

17. I repeat!!

18. It’s not going to be distancing or stay at home that’ll save us, but Coco

19. Let’s be a snake and he will not notice me

20. Good morning, time to requite attention from hooman

21. Need attention! Admire me hooman

22. Trees are useful for sharpening claws when you can’t find a sofa or armchair

23. He coughed 3 times, 3 times today, C’mon human!

24. It’s mine, it’s mine!

25. Vacation 2020, maybe 2021 and 2022 then

26. Wait, WHAT? Gimme food willingly or I must act

27. Actually I slap him everyday

28. But my therapist says it’s all in my mind

29. I think I can hear something… Maybe he is pregn… NOPE, just a sandwich

30. I was sooo close

31. Hooman called me fat

32. Busy relaxing and watching the world go by


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