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Photos of Chubby Cats Who Are So Delightful

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Cats are famous for their laziness. They love eating, sleeping but don’t like exercising. Unfortunately, these hobbies may lead to obesity, weight gain and other health problems for them. Chubby cats may look a little unhealthy and may need to slim down some weight, but they still look super cool, funny and adorable. They even get a lot of attention on the internet by their cuteness and fluff.

Here is a list of chubby cats who are so delightful that we prepared for you. There is nothing as cute as a big chubby cuddly cat. So, look for yourself in the pictures below and let us know your favorite pics.

1. Oh my goodness, it’s like a sphere of fur

2. No moar homework hooman, pet me

3. To proceed with belly rub or not?!

4. Potato harvest looks bountiful this year

5. The best things in life are chubby!

6. Don’t you just want to stick your face in the belly?

7. So cute it hurts my heart

8. Mid-air Floof is trying to be a cloud

9. Go on, take them off me. I dare you

10. He’s a farm cat, named George

11. Qualifying as a bowling pin

12. So sassy and yet so innocent!

13. Laundry Cat

14. If you think you are getting in this bed… you are sorely mistaken

15. What an adorable doofus

16. When you wanna hang with people your own size

17. When you exercise for 5 mins and then you’re like screw this

18. Their chub provides them great insulation

19. His little bib is so precious!

20. Mine, all mine

21. Snuggly puggly?

22. He looks like a peanut butter scoop or a tub of caramel ice cream

23. When you are enthralled with your own existence

24. This table is mine

25. When I see something fishy going on…

26. Could you ask for more

27. Nothing like bakery fresh cat loafs



28. It’s all fluff, I swear!

29. Frank sitting on his throne

30. I am Magnificent



31. Come here, lemme lick your face…

32. Chubby puma is taking a nap



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