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Watch These 19 Adorable Cats Relaxing In Sinks To Make Your Day Better

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Cats, or should I say ‘Queens of the World’, are very lovable creatures. Cats have been around us for as long as history gets dated. They’ve been busy entertaining us through all this time. You will always find a cat in some shape, form, or position, in every major part of world history. In the renaissance era, the whole Egyptian culture, throughout WW2 many cats were spotted chilling on naval ships as well. So, yes, the paww prints are all over the globe.




The reason for this ever-growing fame of cats is owed to their natural personalities. There are many breeds of cats in the world but all of them are quite similar in terms of the behavioral characteristics that they possess. Unlike dogs, who have quite a wide variety of skill sets spread across all breeds. One amazing thing about cats is that you cannot make them do anything at your will. I mean, yes, they do like showering love upon their owners from time to time by agreeing to everything they are asked to do. But their moody selves love being independent at times as well. Whether they are being super annoying tipping off everything off of the tables or being super adorable by hugging and licking your face, cats will always be adorable and one of the favorite pets to spend your days with.

Today we’ve got 19 adorable cats doing adorable stuff. Scroll down below to enjoy these cats having a great time in the sinks.

1. This cat looks so relaxed

2. Has no one taught you the manners about knocking

3. I’m moving in here and I don’t care what you say

4. Mom, I think I’ve found my new bed.

5. I know you’re here to open the tap. I have already said please thrice. Do you want me to use the paws now?

6. Don’t worry mom. I’ll do the dishes today

7. Just an adorable feline napping in the sink

8. Aww! So adorable

9. Yeah just a couple more minutes. It’s not easy washing all this fur, you know.

10. Well hello there honey!

11. What? I was just about to brush my teeth

12. You know what they say. Best thoughts always come in the sink

13. Would you like to join in?

14. A shoot for vogue

15. That look of satisfaction

16. All set with that bow tie and everything

17. A perfect fit

18. Would you mind?

19. Told mom I was going to pee, came to chill in my favorite spot instead

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