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Check Out The Best Cats Videos Offer This Week!

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Despite everything that is going on in the world, one thing has managed to remain constant: cats remain to be the supreme content on the internet. In amongst horrific daily news stories are the adorable pictures of cats living their carefree pampered lives.

So scroll on down for some of the best videos about cats that the internet has to offer.



1. Singing the Breakfast Ballad, loud and clear

From @kitten_faces

2. Purrfect for a gift or a treat for your pawrents

From @princesshoneybelle

3. Trying to extract a toy from Kira is like taking a bone from a dog

From @kira.and.coco

4. You’re feeling very sleepy.....

From @kitty_fostering_oz

5. Meow meow (he’s clearly saying “what do you want”)

From @marianickcourchesne

6. Sleepy Mellow

From @marlabluekitty

7. Don’t forget your leafy greens


8. Soleil is protesting how quickly the weekend flew by! Our sunny little lady is not ready for SUNday to be over

From @kellyfosterkittens

9. These two, purrfect love

From @the_cat_named_carrot

10. That has to be the cutest jailbreak I’ve ever seen

From @marleytheorphancat

11. Rizzo.... just making sure her voice is heard

From @kitty_fostering_oz

12. Activate rug mode

From @felirafelira

13. Working hard for that tuna

From @mr.ninja_kit

14. Can't handle the heartness

From @joyandtreasure

15. Simply adorable to see cats play in water

From @lily_the_catdog

16. Morning cuddles anyone? That little squeak! So cute

From @nxxbliss.fosters

17. Hydro homies

From Foxyfloofs (TikTok)

18. Why you askin me to stop, you told me to knock it off and I’m tryin to do just that

From Skotsali (TikTok)

19. Solid water, It the final brain cell.

From Nedapielikyte1 (TikTok)

20.That’s so cool and he’s so sweet awe

From Nicoleromain22 (TikTok)

21.See my cat understands me she just chooses to ignore me

From @_claireify

22. Wake up hooman, wake the hucking up and get out of my house!!!

From Lilo_rescue_cat (TikTok)

23. He feelin spicy and angry

From Carathevettech (TikTok)

24. Meooooowm, dad’s breathing too loud again

From Courtneyhasalotofcats (TikTok)

25. Wrong timeline, but adorable story anyway

From Jesusflores1019 (TikTok)

26. Ugh I hate when that happens

From Dr.ileasb (TikTok)

27. Ok but I need to know if her back feet are moving inside the bag

From Tasbrick_fishstick (TikTok)

28. His brain is playing elevator music

From Twin_peets (TikTok)

29. I sure was a cute baby

From @william__thecat

30. When you think meow eyes couldn’t get any bigger

From @toothless.soh

31. To excited to see this

From @fjarilflickans

32. Yummy floof

From @furryfritz


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