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Funny Catto Videos Will Cheer You Up

KingdomOfCat Admin

1. “this edible ain’t sh*t”
20 minutes later:

From diwka00 TT

2. the full bowl of food beside him

From bleykemullen TT

3. She’s used to getting her teeth brushed as we have done this routine since she was young

from @itmi_mi

4. Such beautiful beautiful pumpkin eyes

From @pamukthe_catt

5. being a cat owner means mastering the silent sneeze

From emilysea TT

6. I love him, May his surgery be successful and may he recover soon

Spotlight: “Otter was born with a condition called meningoencephalocele. This means he has a hole in his skull and part of his brain protrudes through the opening. This is very dangerous as it puts him at extremely high risk for brain injury and infection. We clean his meningoencephalocele daily with antiseptic solution and cover it with a bandaid to keep bacteria out. He wears a helmet to protect his exposed brain from injury.

Otter is having surgery in 2 weeks to put his brain back into his skull and cover the opening with titanium mesh, so that his brain will be protected

Otter is a completely normal, healthy kitten with no problems He is not in any pain and does not have any neurological symptoms”

From @babykittenrescue

7. dads be like “hey I was watching that"

From bigboy_tig TT

8. Thumbelina is adoptable with her best friend, Twiggy

They are just about the same age, and a bonded pair. They’ve been together since they were babies. Adoptions available within driving distance to Los Angeles. Please comment/like/share/send if you want to help Thumby find her perfect forever home with Twiggy

From @mellamprey

9. Our rescue boy couldn’t look at us when we got him. He finally lets daddy give him kisses and look how happy he is

From alice.isabellaa TT

10. Mine do the same, but she puts everything inside the armchair

From  @lumibellebengal

11. Dolly Pawton, with a side of blep! Get it, girrrl

From @pawsofwinterfell

12. good soup, Multitasking - bathing and drinking at the same time

From  @lily_the_catdog

13. every. single. day. Super glad to know I'm not alone with my demanding cat problems

From @adamshields23 TT

14. that last meow though. Heart = melted

From @mylo_the_mouser

15. she demands the DRUM. Shicatsu massage

From vomette TT

16. [Sound On] Need someone who can translate this right now

From @missanthecatofficial

17. if you sit down, you cuddle. that’s the rule

From solstrength

18. it’s the song choice for me

From @mattychymbor

19. What a little sweetheart

"Lickiton was a rescue from a hoarding situation. Although she is full grown, she’s very small (weighing in at 4.5 pounds)! She has several disabilities due to suspected inbreeding, such as a heart murmur, neurologic disabilities, and her adorable permablep! Even though she can’t run, jump, and is a bit slower, she loves playing with our two other cats and cuddling with us!” -Kira, Lickiton’s human

From @lickiton.mi

20. you poop, I’ll cover, this is how we call "Teamwork"

From ilchenko_ole

21. He’s too cute to be a demon

From @muffin.cat2

22. She's gorgeous

The Lykoi (commonly called wolf cat, and sometimes werewolf cat) is a natural mutation from a domestic shorthair that looks like the popular idea of a werewolf. The mutation has occurred in domestic cats over the last 20 years

From @graciewolfcat

23. the secret ingredient is: cat hair. Cat hair is part of a healthy everyday diet.

From @sweet.quill

24. nom nom nom, My cat loves cabbage! Also any salad greens

From @neko_mms24

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