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Funny Kitties Videos and Picture Will Make Your Day

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1. Whatever you celebrate Christmas or not Kitties wishes you days filled with compassion, forgiveness, and love towards yourself and for everyone around you

From @christian_the_cat

2. "Is it really just Wednesday?" This kitty is a whole mood

From @henrykingcat

3. I win, of course, now gimme attention

From @tillythecaliby

4. Exclusive footage of Santa Paws taking a nap befur delivering all the presents

From @eric_and_ollie_

5. Life with cats is hilarious, take a look at this

From @mauipeach_ifyouplease

6. Fluffy boy, enjoy the outside time in a beautiful day like this

From @akgvisuals

7. I'm a huge fan of the sun

From @siamesebabymojo


From @mz_zarah_animals

9. This year there will be no x-mas tree bc I'M the main attraction

From @caesar_abisin

10. We got our very own photo paw-lbum

From @lifeofstellaandlola

11. Huh? Who said psspsspss. Anyway, check out these purrity pictures meowmy took of my outside

From @akgvisuals

12. Currently on our best behavior for Santa Paws.  (Santa's Naughty List may have misteriously disappeared)

From @whenhairymetice

13. No more owl puns? Owl see what i can do about that

From @batman_the_munchkin_cat

14. A tree.. full..of...TOYS, must destroy!

From @mia_rebelkitty

15. Taking a "relaxing" bath

From @thelittlesiberians

16. New Case: Hello, furiends. I'm sure you may have also noticed all of the bizarre Catmas related objects appearing around your home

and it was imperative I investigate them further. The giant socks are still a meowstery, but I did conclude that the Catmas lights are NOT for eating, do not recommend. My biggest goal, however, was the Catmas tree! The humans have been very adamant about keeping me from crawling under it, and I had to know why! What I found was truly mystifying and meowgical. Stay tuned for Part Two, furiends, and have a wonderful weekend

From @sherlock_catonthecase

17. May the best gift this year be the love of your family and furriends

Distance is no boundary for good wishes, hope, and a warm heart

From @ginkgo_k_britishshorthair_cat

18. Sentimental Sunday

From @nicolasaugustmartini

19. We've got legs fur days

From @balam_says

20. It's a Laundry Pawty, So much socks treasures

From @fluffyyuzu

21. Looking for treats, Happy HumpDay

From @lili_and_nini_cats

22. Why kitties are always so CUTE!

From @catsandfrittatas

23. You're a fluffy one... Mr. Grinch

From @thezenkitty

24. Christmas Decor Inspawction, here is why I don't have nice things in my house

From @miesthecat

25. It’s not easy to keep the house clean and tidy. But we do our best to help our pawrents every day. See fur yourself

From @cat_triad

26. Hey! Did anyone see Santa Paws

From @littlemissandharry

27. Here is an example for copy cat

From @iamlunathesiamese

28. It's brush o'clock

From @iammoshow

29. And all this time I thought only dogs liked to chase their tails

From @waysmycatsleeps

30. Furget Santa Paws! The cookie's mine

From @zara.fuzzypants

31. It's my pawty and I nap if i want to

From @bambamtheteacup

32. The bestest Xmas decoration is me

From @bogartino

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