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The Cutest Kitten and Cat Videos Will Make You Smile

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1. Playing with my pal

From @thetzuki

2. Gaze into my eyes hooman

From @bengalen_mauzi_leo

3. Slacklining⁠. Chasing my tail from an impossible angel

From @danette.thecat

4. The first and last time Arya was a purrfessional model

From @pawsofwinterfell

5. Pawe. We need more kitties because they are so adorable

From @kitti_in_bodega_bay

6. The level of intelligence, the cat used the water so the food would stick.. that smart little kitty

From @lilou_the_mainecoon_

7. Cuddles with that look would be amazing

From @cooniecara

8. How cute and adorable is this lil fella

From From @dahila_exocat

9. Those little faces

From @fosterbabycats

10. A flower cannot blossom without sunshine, and a cat cannot live without love

From @guru_cat_2020

11. What can be better than a good massage during outdoor adventure? Who wants to join Luna

From @lunaltcat

12. Korilakkuma is here

From @zjiasally

13. The three pillars of purrfection

From @siberian_reinhardt

14. Back to the classic bunny kicks by the original bunny kicking queen herself

From @little_miss_priscilla

15. Wobbling for some snuggles

From @thewobblecats

16. Hi! I’m back

from @vancity_bubbles

17. MeWOW. I was seriously looking at the cat the entire time.

From @willowthebeautifulcat

18. We call this “frog pose” mixed with “no kisses”. Which is Dolly’s consistent state every time I go to pick her up. Lol. Being on her back is a big NOPE and I was finally able to catch her antics on camera haha

From @kittyfosterroxanne

19. Happy TOT furriends! Hope you’re all having a pawsome week so far

From @indirathebengal

20. Happy Throwback Thursday

From @thezenkitty

21. Have a beautiful Sunday people

From @robert_sijka

22. Adele ‘Easy On Me’ cover by Benny the Cat. Better than the original

From @park_kkone

23. Such a good place to take a nap and enjoy the massage

From @fefe.devonrex

24. Gotta scratch ’em all. All of them

From @crayzee_cat

25. Orange kitties are the best. Live a life that he not worry much about anything

From @buba_mainecoon

26. A TERRITORIAL PANTHER -sound. How cute

From @luckysuperstarcat

27. You challenge me again hooman? This is too easy tho

From @maruhanamogu

28. Stay strong kitty. You can do this

From @hermionethesquitten

29. The furbidden mittens, quickest “nope” ever

From @tootie_bunface

30. I'm sure many of you know the struggle?

From @coleandmarmalade

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