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20+ Adorable Pets Who Are Totally Crazy About Their Toy Friends

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We all want to do the best things for our beloved pets, so we tend to buy them a lot of new toys and accessories. However, like humans, animals get attached to their toy friends that have been with them for a long time. So, no matter how wonderful new toys are, our pet friends just want to play and cuddle with their favorite toys.

According to scientists, the actual reasons for which animals love toys and form close bonds with them can vary greatly. For some, it can simply be a source of soft warmth to keep them feeling safe when sleeping. For others, these toy friends can represent prey. But regardless of what the reasons are, watching our pets with their favorite toys is so touching and amazing!




We at Kingdom Of Cat are pet lovers, so we collected a list of some of the most adorable pets who are totally crazy about their toy friends to share with our beloved readers. These great pics are guaranteed to put a smile on your face and make your day better! So scroll down to enjoy!

1. When you and your plumpy make up a perfect couple

2. Meet my friend, Mr. Piggy

3. No, I won’t let you go

4. There can’t be too many friends

5. Me and my buddy look really alike, huh

6. Happiness is a 99-cent Ikea stuffed mouse.

7. Everyone needs a teddy bear hug from time to time

8. I love dogs so much and now I have my own

9. This birdie must be dreaming of having a chocolate baby parrot when “sitting” on this egg

10. Fluffy dreams to all of you

11. Don’t touch it, it’s mine

12. Just look at these cuddles

13. Find the duck in this picture

14. When you know your friend is a weirdo, but you’re okay with it:

15. A best friend makes the perfect pillow

16. Rafael napping with Raphael

17. I can’t fall asleep without my bunny

18. They’re all mine

19. Goodnight, I love you

20. Don’t take him away from me!

21. Me and my buddy, Mr. Rat

22. Just a couple of lions enjoying their Friday night

23. Playing together leads to having a nap together

24. A family friend recently got a pet rat — here’s a photo of it curled up on her bed with its favorite bear

25. Love this little piggy friend


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