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20 Animal Photos Proving There’s Nothing Like A Mother’s Love

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There’s nothing like the love of a mother. They care for their little ones so much, that they sometimes have to sacrifice comfort, energy, time, and also themselves, so that they can follow their duty in the best way possible. Humans might stay with their parents the longest, but that doesn’t mean the animal kingdom isn’t full of examples of loving mothers.

We have collected some of the loveliest images of maternal love in the animal world. Scroll down to enjoy and please share with your friends and family!





1. So, let’s give thanks to all the loving mothers around the world!

2. Sure, there are times when mothers put their kids on a pedestal

3 A mother is the perfect one to look up to

4. Nothing is more precious to a child than seeing their mother smile

5. Mothers come in all shapes and sizes, but the most important thing is their love

6. Of course, different mothers have their own special ways of showing their love

7. Because to every mother, a child is a beauty beyond compare

8. For better or worse, mothers give their children something to hang on to

9. Mothers don’t always see eye-to-eye with their children, but they still always show their love

10. For some babies a mother can be a handy cleaning crew

11. Even when a mother and her child are far apart, love always finds a way

12. A mother’s favorite thing is hearing “I love you” back

13. It seems like a mother never sleeps. She helps the kids sleep enough for 2 people

14. Though we can all agree, it takes a high degree of tolerance to become a mother

15. But all mothers know that it’s important to have a lot of love

16. Kids might not always appreciate it, but a mother is always there to give a loving nudge

17. Remember, nothing beats a kiss from mom

18. But their children know everything is just another way of saying “I love you!"

19. Some mothers lead the way

20. When it comes to moms, you can never tell what’s greater: the love they give or the love they get

21. Of course, mothers know when it’s the time to play rough


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