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20+ Puppies Whose Eye “Expressions” Would Win An Oscar

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Our puppies truly know how to express their emotions through their eyes. Some have managed to reach the highest level of sweetness. And people can’t get enough of this. Looking at their innocent eyes and we are all mesmerized right away. They can melt the coldest hearts.

And here are 25 puppies whose eye “expressions” would win an Oscar. If you find the world out there terrible, just let these innocent, adorable eyes heal your soul. These little fluffy animals are the priceless gift that God gives us. They can fill humans around them with happy vibes, making every day an interesting day. Ready to be one of their “victims”? Let’s give these photos a look?




1. I’m a strong little man

2. I’m playing peek-a-poo. It makes me less boring while dad focuses on driving

3. Sometimes I just wish I were an only child in this family

4. I can’t still understand what you say. Could you explain it a bit, hooman?

5. Hi, nice to meet you, hooman

6. I can’t wait to see my new toy, hooman

7. What a smart and an adorable boy

8. I’m just checking to know whether this stuff is edible or not

9. I’m waiting for a trip to the grocery store, mom. Do you fishing working on your laptop?

10. Am I not allowed to chew up this stuff, mom? I’m sorry. I don’t mean to do it

11. I’m so excited to think of my Christmas presents. I’m the center of attention in my family and my parents always give me the best they can

12. This woman keeps using her phone instead of cuddling me. This hurts me a bit

13. You will bring me home and offer me a family, hooman? It’s too good to be true

14. This is my very first time to come to this park. I will try to befriend some other friends the next time

15. My friends haven’t come here yet. I love chasing with them around the park

16. You are bringing something interesting for me?

17. This ball is mine

18. You’re making me embarrassed, hooman. I know that I’m a pretty girl but could you stop staring at me like this?

19. I’m sad that you didn’t bring me for a walk to our local park today

20. I promise to be a good boy. Could you bring me to the picnic with you, mom?

21. Happy to think of my first date tomorrow

22. Are you kidding me? I’m dubious about whether it’s a prank or not

23. I’m the cutest and most obedient pup in this world

24. This is how to keep you warm all day long in winter

25. Are you taking a photo of me, mom? I know that I’m a super cute fluffy boy


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