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Cat Keeps Her Sole Kitten Safe Until Rescuers Arrive - They Can't Stop Cuddling

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A cat mom was so happy when she and her only kitten were rescued from the street life.

A tuxedo cat was spotted with her kitten in a backyard in Brooklyn, New York. She is a loving cat mom, watching over her kitten every step of the way.

Knowing the mother and daughter duo needed medical attention, Josefina from Brooklyn reached out to Stephanie Tulien, Adoptions Director of Little Wanderers NYC, for help. Stephanie received the urgent plea and raced over to the scene with her family.



"What they found was an emaciated mom and her sole surviving kitten infested with so many fleas that 'you could see them crawling all over her,'" Little Wanderers NYC shared with KingdomOfCat.


The cat mom and her kitten were living in difficult conditions. They were in poor shape, dehydrated and terribly malnourished.

The sweet tuxedo had done everything she could to keep her kitten alive and fed, but both needed immediate medical care

The two kitties wouldn't survive long living in those conditions. Rescuers sprang into action and worked together to get them to safety.


The cat mama and her kitten were then rushed to an emergency hospital for medical treatment

They got a much-needed bath to remove all the pesky fleas. After getting the medical care they desperately needed, they were taken to a foster home to begin their healing process.

They were named Olive (cat mom) and Maya (kitten).

"After antibiotics, fluids and parasite treatment, they are doing great," Little Wanderers NYC said.

Mama Olive quickly adjusted to life as an indoor cat. She was so happy to have a safe place to raise her kitten, good food and clean water throughout the day, and a warm bed to sleep in.

Maya is playful and curious and has explored every nook and cranny at her new abode.

She's never far from her mom, following in her paw-steps and learning to be a cat. When she is not playing, she will nuzzle in with Mama Olive and fall asleep in her arms.

In less than 10 days, the mother and daughter duo has really blossomed.

"They've come a long way since they were rescued from a Brooklyn backyard. Now, they are doing wonderfully in their foster home.

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