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Do Cats Like Human Music?

"Music can help cats calm their anxious"  

 Some cat shelter play classical music to calm some effects on the cats, so the question is, do cats really like music just like humans?

 Before dive deeper, have you ever tried to play your favorite song to your cat? And how is their reaction? Sometimes you noticed that your cat shows little interest with music like they will close their eyes and wags their tail

 In this article, we will understand not only cats but also with other creatures appealing to humans music

Do Cats Like Listening to Music?

 Scientists are discovering that, far from being indifferent to music, cats may simply prefer something more on their own wavelength

 That means, yes, cats do like music, but they just don't care about tunes like humans. Cat's senses work very differently with humans so it is easy to understand that they "taste" music different from what we like. Cats have vocal ranges and heart rates that are very different from ours. Their brains aren’t wired to appreciate songs tailored for our ears.

 But the good news is that cats do in fact enjoy the music! They just don’t enjoy people's music. A recent study in the journal Applied Animal Behavior Science suggests that in order for our feline friends to enjoy music, it has to be species-specific music. In order for cats to listen to and enjoy music, it needs to fit within the frequency range and have a similar tempo to how cats naturally communicate.

 So, knowing this, could music be designed especially for cats?

Music Written Specially for Cats

 Recently, scientists, musicians, and pet lovers have begun to collaborate on writing music specifically for cats. One composer has written music, especially for cats, based on factors such as cats’ hearing range, vocalizations, and sounds to which they’re exposed in the wild, as well as their feedback to samples of music. This is an exciting new way we can provide enrichment for our feline friends. In one aspect, it may be easier to write music for cats than for people: Cats will honestly let you know, one way or another, what they think of your composition.

Common Expression When Cats Love Music 

When they played the finished music, an amazing thing happened - the cats headed straight to the speakers, rubbing up against them, purring and turning their heads towards where the sound was coming from. 'The cats were far more interested in the cat music than the human variety,

What Kind of Music Do Cats Like?

 The study utilized songs created specifically for cats, which were composed by musician Dave Teie. Teie is well regarded for putting forth the scientific theory that “every species has an intuitive biological response to sounds based on their brain development and vocalizations.”

"The songs Teie composed for the study combine melodic sliding frequencies—similar to cat meows and feline sounds—as well as mimic the rhythmic and tonal qualities of a purr—one song sets a pulse related to purring at 1380 beats per minute—or a kitten suckling at its mother’s teat, among other things. Some songs even incorporate noises resembling bird calls!"

 Right here below, I have listed some cat music, which you can open for your cat and see how is your cat responds, or you try to listen to yourself.

Take note: Before open and listen to yourself, remember to turn down the volume

Cozmo's Air

 Spooks Ditty

Cats Respond to Familiar Sounds 

 'Soothing sounds for pets have been around for a while but have had no scientific evidence to back them up until now,' says Rosie. 'Cats have incredibly tuned senses and are far more sensitive to sound than we are - a deaf cat can pick up on vibrations in the air through its whiskers.

'The researchers have tapped into this, and into how cats respond to certain sounds. A kitten's first comfort sound, for instance, is likely to be her mother's purr and the world around them.

'So, when cats are playing music that has feline-appropriate tone, pitch, and tempo, they show signs of enjoyment, like rubbing up against a speaker. Cats do this to transfer their scent and it generally means they like something.'

If research continues, we could find a whole new range of cat music to play to our beloved pets, enriching their experience of the world, providing mental stimulation and helping them to de-stress.

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