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12 Cats And Rabbits That Look Like Brothers From Same Mothers

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Animal relationships are the best. They are the purest. Human love comes with a lot of conditions and terms. Animals love each other without any conditions and there is no catch to it. There isn’t any betrayal in their love either. Humans could learn a thing or two from them. This is why animals are precious and must be protected at all costs. Inter-specie friendships are the most wholesome thing you will ever see. Animals don’t really care what you look like or what breed or species you are. If they like you, they like you. They will keep you as their friend forever and look after you. The only thing they ever want from you in return is the same amount of love. We could die a thousand times and still not deserve these animals. They have the biggest hearts.

Have you ever heard of a cat and rabbit’s friendship? Yes, naturally, cats hunt rabbits for food. But it isn’t always that way. Sometimes nature goes against itself and these two species become the best of friends. But have you ever seen a cat and rabbit that have the same fur patterns? Now that is something you need to see. These 12 cats and rabbits look like they are from the same mom because of their fur. Scroll down below and enjoy:

1. Can you tell which is which?

2. Look at how she is showing affection towards the bunny

3. The black sheep of the family? No, we are the black cat and rabbit of the family

4. How cute! The bunny is bigger than the cat

5. This is making me melt

6. The bunny is teaching the catto how to hop

7. This is ridiculously similar. Are you sure they aren’t brother and sister

8. You can tell that he feels safe with his big-eared friend

9. They do everything together, which includes taking naps

10. They are both so tiny, it’s adorable

11. Hey, take a picture of me with my twin brother

12. When you’re tired and use your rabbit friend as a pillow

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