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16 Cutest Images Of Cats That Will Definitely Make You Adopt One Right Now

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I realize that this is a very bold claim to make and one should respect everyone’s opinions and preferences, but you really don’t have a choice when it comes to cats. See, you don’t go out and search for a cat, spend your quality time doing your research and find the most perfect cat for yourself and give it a furever home. No, sir/madam. You have got it all wrong if you think you adopt a cat. The reality is, cats adopt you. They own your soul, your heart, your everything. Because of how dominant, confident, and independent they are, no one really gets to say “No!” to a cat. And well, to further influence the decision upon their about-to-be-owners, their huge innocent eyes, big floofy body, and the cutest light meows can be considered as the killshot.

Now those who own a cat know they consider adopting a cat as one of, or maybe the only, best decision they have taken in their lives. Why? You ask? It is because once that inseparable connection establishes, those cats consider it a law to entertain their owners all day long, throughout life. Literally, their energetic asses barely sit down. And the cuteness!! Well, you guys you can see it for yourself.

Here are some of the cutest cat moments that will definitely make you wanna get a kitty! Scroll down below to enjoy!

1. These new windows make him look like a Lisa Frank masterpiece

2. But I have to open the app for that…

3. Ain’t no friendships matter when the food is on the table

4. I have faith in you, Kitty! Nothing is easy

5. Am I a joke to you, Brenda?

6. How to trick your catto

7. This guy found the best in the park place to rest…

8. My cat made an almost perfect circle

9. Get a lot of cattos they said, and you will not go alone

10. The best selfie doesn’t exi..

11. In Istanbul, a stray cat mom took her baby to the ER. Doctors and paramedics helped the baby and took them to a vet

12.  When I was younger I had dreams of being this hardcore gangster rapper…I guess things change

13. When you know the cooking is about to finish

14. Please pause your scrolling to witness the best photo that I have ever taken in my entire life

15. Well! That is one way of making a Public Service Announcement

16. Do I look like a “masterpiece”, Mummy?

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