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Wholesome Rescue Pet Pics That Show How Important It Is To Adopt And Not Shop

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Every year it is estimated that more than one million of adoptable cats and dogs are euthanized simply because too many pets come into shelters and very few people consider an option of adoption when they are looking for a pet. If people adopted pets rather than buying them then simply the rate of euthanized animals would be automatically reduced. When you adopt a pet, you save a life of that animals by giving them the care they need, the love they desperately need in their life. It is such a good deed to adopt a poor animal and give it a home.

Adopting an animal means you are going to have a companion who is going to be with you through your thick and thin. Adopting an animal is an pure act of humanity, those poor animals have nowhere to go if we start adopting them there would be no more homeless animals roaming around in the streets. Here we have collected some beautiful adopted pets photos from the users of reddit. Take a look at these wonderful pictures that is going to make you feel overwhelmed. Make sure you watch it to the bottom.

1. Hello my name is Mac, I am happy today because my daddy drove 300 miles to rescue me

2. Look at the way Tomango is standing, greet my new pup

3. Meet Lily she was a stray cat that was adopted by a couple

4. Take a look at this furry companion he just got adopted today

5. Lay for food, better give me treats hooman

6. Seeing this photo I wanna adopt a cat right now

7. Look how peaceful he is sleeping

8. They are both happy to have each other

9. This generous owner recently adopted this little doggo he is a German Shephard who is only nine months old

10. He looks extremely happy to rescue this cow

11. Before and after rescue, all he needed was some care

12. These beautiful creature deserve all the love in this world

13. Older cat was not happy with the adopted cat but now look at the love they share

14. Hi I am Daisy I just got adopted

15. Owner adopted a gorgeous cat which he named Manx after few days she gave a birth to a beautiful kitten

16. This pretty girl just got adopted, look her in eyes she feels loved

17. I have never seen soo much excitement in one picture

18. Meet Mr. Hobo Highwaters, look at the improve in him when he was on the street vs when he has a home

19. Adopting a kitty is the best way to kill loneliness

20. Man decided to adopt a dog but left with this cutie, this kitten looks happy

21. I Live By Myself And Its Been Kind Of Tough With The Lockdown So I Adopted A Kitten 6 Weeks Ago. Bandito Has Made Life Much Better

22. This 3 week old adopted kitty wants to snuggle extra close, look how happy he is to adopt this little cutie

23. The happiness you get when you rescue a traumatized cat

24. Say hello to this beautiful rescue dog, his name is Shenzi

25. Luna entered the owners garden one day and claimed it as her own. She is a really beautiful stray

26. Meet Charlie, the owner adopted a dog for the first time and Charlie is lucky to have him

27. This little puppy is the cutest

28. Rescued bunny with her 7 babies, this picture warms my heart

29. Meet Vicente, a rescue dog who is all washed up and waiting for his owners wearing tuxedo

30. Look at these big beautiful eyes, he looks like a gentleman

31. This cat has been in the shelter for 2 years, now he finally got a home look how comfortable he is

32. This owner adopted a three legged husky who is too beautiful to ignore

33. This sweet girl was rescued by his owner, looks like she’s already settling in

34. They are the cutest, who wouldn’t want to adopt such beautiful cats?

35. This guy just got a new kitten, this is how he eat his meals

36. Owner adopted a new cat, now they have become inseparable

37. A Dog Rescue Called Marley’s Mutts Would Like To Say Thanks To All The Dads Who Are Roped Into Fostering By Their Wives And Kids

38. The owner decided to go to shelter to adopt a doggo and he found these two cuties in the same posture so he decided not to separate them ended up adopting both of them

39. The best companion one can have

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