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23 “Vicious” Guard Dogs Who Don’t Need Their “Beware Of Dog” Signs

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A lot of the time, when you pass a yard fence with a “Beware Of Dog” sign posted on it, it’s just there as a deterrent or a heads up for the mail carrier. Occasionally though, you might get a glimpse of the vicious canine guardian that warranted the sign. That’s what these brave photographers did.

Intruders, you better watch out. These 23 ferocious dogs spotted defending their backyards are ready to pounce on whoever dares enter their domain.




1. This Defender Is Practicing His Moves

2. A Guard-en Retriever

3. That Guard Dog Confidence

4. A Yorkie Making Sure You See Him Seeing You

5. A Dog Who Knows He’s Worth A Homemade Sign

6. A Yorkie Who Will Climb Her Way To You If She Must

7. A Golden Retriever To Be Aware Of

8. This Terrifying Husky Daring You To Enter

9. This Dog Disappointed He’s So Frightening

10. Beware Of This Spy

11. This Grinning Boy Proud To Be Warned About

12. This Pup Will Attack As Soon As He Feels Like Getting Up

13. This Pup Threatening To Make You Rub His Belly

14. Look Out, He’s Spotted You

15. An Eager Guard Dog Who Picked Out His Own Sign

16. This Gal Who’s Starting Out Young

17. May These “Roo Roo”s Serve As A Warning

18. This Princess Says “Blep” To All Intruders

19. This Dog Who Uses His Woofs, Not His Paws

20. Stay away from the gang

21. These Tiny But Feisty Guard Dogs

22. A German Shepherd Scaring You Away With A Display Of Tongue

23. A Little Guy Whose Parents Ordered The Wrong Sign


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