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25 Cats and Dogs Who Love To Spy On Their Neighbors

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A good neighbor can become great friends who help provide extra security by watching your house when you go out and reporting any suspicious activity. But that doesn’t give them a license to snoop at your home. And of course, no one likes to live with nosy neighbors who infringe upon their privacy.

However, in high-density areas, you are not always able to choose who you live near. Sometimes, our nosy neighbors might be animals who love to spend their time sitting by the window, people-watching and hoping to see something truly intriguing. The only difference is that we can never hate and be mad at them for it.

Here are some hilarious and adorable photos of nosy furry neighbors. Scroll down to enjoy!

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1. Can't wait to go out and play with friends!

2. So their hooman going out at this time

3. Birds, squirrels, must catch them!

4. It is hilarious to watch but also annoying

5. Lil fella enjoying the view

6. Hey, right here, I'm watching you

7. I see cat at the door

8. Yo, what is going on there at my yard?

9. Hmm humans taking his cat going out, interesting

10. Ah, I can see the black girl catto from here

11. There is just no escape, but lil help here hooman?

12. My cat is watching my neighbor everyday

13. Ugh, I can't see anything, must clean this

14. Human help the catto so he can smell the fresh air

15. I'm not watching anyone, they are watching me

16. Can't wait till 4PM so I can go out

17. Get of my lawn you hooman and catto

18. Sneaky doggo sneaking


20. Guarding my yard, just doing my job boss

21. When you’re spying, but also a lil tired

22. He is checking every 15 mins

23. He dragged that chair over himself

24. What an interesting position… wonder if its comfortable?

25. It's too dark right here, so lucky I can see everything



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