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25 Cats and Pets Who Have A Passion For Disobeying Their Owners

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Domestic pets, especially dogs and cats, are never far away from most people’s lives because they have shared a common environment with humans for over ten thousand years. They provide us with constant companionship, unconditional love, and great joy. Not only do they make us happy, they also make us live longer and healthier. They even make us fall in love with their cuteness, their foolishness, and their weird behaviors. But sometimes, our pets are so stubborn, headstrong, naughty, and disrespectful. They look like toddlers who disobey our commands and just do what they want. Therefore, if you have mischievous pets, you should never keep your eye off them for more than a few seconds.

We are sure that you never get bored of watching rebellious animals who don’t obey anybody and know how to push their owners to the limit. Despite their naughty habits, we can’t help but love them more anyway. Scroll down to see!



1. This little menace just loves to bite my toothpaste tube

2. The child can write his homework with something else

3. These baby goats want more attention

4. My father attempting to eat dinner in peace


5. Every time I straighten them, Stevie jumps up and ’fixes’ them

6. Just got done pouring this concrete and he walks over

7. Bad bunny

8. This is what I just came home to


9. Forgot to close the lid

10. He thought I needed a new scarf

11. It’s not hard to tell who’s the boss in this house

12. Big fan of puzzles


13. Left my baby husky alone for a minute, and I came back to this

14. My dog insists my dad is a pillow

15. This bird keeps pecking the window and shouting at me while I’m trying to work

16. Not only is she sitting in my basket, but she’s also on one of my crochet projects


17. Oops, I did it again! Sorry mom

18. I present to you, the parrot sandwich

19. Caught the little criminal

20. Maybe this time they won’t catch me…


21. Aw, you said no more TV?

22. Finn insists on lying on my head

23. Bought my dog a new dog bed today and he’s already been kicked off by the cat within 20 minutes

24. What happens when you tell your parrot he’s on a diet


25. Every single time I start reading…

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