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30 Hilarious Finalists Of The 2020 Mars Petcare Comedy Pet Photo Awards

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The Comedy Pets Photography Awards competition is held to get pet-lovers across the world capturing funny moments with their pets. It was started by Tom Sullam and Paul Joynson-Hicks, the founders of the world-famous Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards. Meanwhile, the official partner and the sponsor of the competition is Mars Petcare.

It’s undeniable that pets truly make the world a better place. That’s why more and more people love pets and consider them members of family. The competition, now in its second year, is a wonderful way of celebrating the positive effect that pets have on our lives as well as raising awareness around homeless pets in the UK.




For this second year of the photography competition, there were more than 2,000 entries from 81 countries. After a heated battle, the competition has announced 40 finalists who will compete for the “Comedy Pet Photographer 2020” title and £3,000 cash prize.

“At a time when most of the nation was spending more time with their pets than ever, the competition saw pet lovers across the world capturing the funniest moments with their much-loved pets. With over 2000 entries from 81 different countries and everything from lovable llamas, cute cats and gorgeous guinea pigs being photographed, it’s clear that pet lovers have enjoyed spending more time with their much-loved pets,” says the competition organisers.

“The Winners will be announced 24th November -Woohoo! Be sure you follow us on our social media channels to find out who will be crowned the 2020 Mars Petcare Comedy Pet Photographer of the Year!  If you missed this year’s competition then remember to keep your images safe and you can enter them next year – simples!”

Scroll down to enjoy 30 hilarious finalists of the Mars Petcare Comedy Pet Photo Awards 2020! They look absolutely hilarious!

1. Look Mom – I Can Walk On Water’ By John Carelli

2. The Dancing Kitten’ By Iain Mcconnell

3. Super Happy Dog’ By Dean Pollard

4. Covert Cows’ By Heather Ross

5. Smile’ By Mehmet Aslan

6. Funny Horse’ By Peter Von Shnen

7. Shocked Mastiff’ By Annett Mirsberger

8. Friends Don’t Let Friends Do Silly Things Alone’ By Kerstin Ordelt

9. Blessed’ By Mateus De Oliveira

10. Gossip Girls’ By Magdalena Strakova

11. Over Dramatic Cat’ By Iain Mcconnell

12. That Moment You Realise You’ve Gone Through Half A Jar Of Snacks’ By Candice Sedighan

13. Poodle Chaos’ By Darren Hall

14. Isolated Dog’ By Ilana Rose

15. Squirrelll!!!’ By Elke Vogelsang

16. Buddy’s New Teeth!’ By Lianne Richards

17. Crazy Horse’ By Daniel Szumilas

18. Red Slippers? I Don’t Know Anything About Them’ By Teun Veldman

19. Living Trophy’ By Antonio Peregrino

20. Ohhhhhhhhh’ By Dimpy Bhalotia

21. The Dancing Cat’ By Iain Mcconnell

22. Why Are You Upside Down Mum?’ By Malgorzata (Gosia) Russell

23. There Goes Dinner’ By Beth Noble

24. Drama Queen’ By Anne Lindner

25. Guard Dog On Duty’ By Elke Vogelsang

26. Hold On Tight! We’re Running Late’ By Karen Hoglund

27. Splash’ By Alice Van Kempen

28. The Guilty Kitten’ By Iain Mcconnell

29. Saint Pauls Cap’ By Alex Class

30. The Funny Amorgos Donkey’ By Boris Purmann


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