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50 Adorable Cat Teefies That Will Make You Smile

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Cats have pearly white teeth called teefies and they look adorable with their sharp teeth out. Cats are born without teeth and they grow their teeth after 2-3 weeks. We humans, have 32 teeth, have you ever wondered how many teeth does a cat has? Cats usually have 26 baby teeth and 30 permanent teeth. Interesting, right? Some cat owners love their cats’ teefies for all the right reasons because cats look adorable with their tiny, sharp white teeth. Teefies help cats capture their prey and rip the meat off. There is no need to be scared of these cute-looking felines with long teeth because they are not going to bite or eat you.



Teefies are not like human teeth, cats have crowned teeth which sometimes make them look like little devils or vampires. Whatever they look like, we admit the fact that cat teefies can win our hearts. Cat owners love taking pictures of their cats’ teefies and share them with the world. Not only does the cat owners love clicking their pictures but the cats also enjoy getting their pictures clicked. They would smile and pose for the camera. We bet these adorable teefies will make you smile. Scroll down to check the cutest teefies.

1. Lovely kitty is surprised

2. When you are the one talking in the class but the teacher scolds your friend instead

3. Happiest kitty

4. When you smile with your teeth out

5. The face you make when daddy orders your favorite pizza

6. Cutest face he makes when dad tells him to get ready for teefies

7. Baby is collecting leaves today

8. All-white boy using his skills

9. Which one is cuter? The teeth or moustache?

10. Adorable teefie of this baby napping

11. His favorite place to sleep

12. Love this dude’s color and sharp teeth

13. His teeth seem softer

14. He likes biting sometimes

15. No matter what, she is still cute and adorable

16. Round face and the cutest smile

17. He wants to sleep upside down

18. Cutie is excited about her new adventure

19. This fluffer went to neighbors to show them his tooth

20. HAHA mama we did it

21. Like father like son

22. That paw and cute face has my heart

23. Happy little lioness

24. Buy one get two! Kitty and vampire

25. When your crush accepts your friend request

26. Little kitty with teeth gap

27. Cuteness alert

28. I thought that’s a black pompom but why does it have eyes and teeth? WHY?

29. The cutest vampire

30. Look at this kitty’s baby teeth

31. Mommy guess where I am

32. Mama please help me, I am stuck here on stairs

33. Out of all those comfy places to sleep in, she chose an apple tree lol

34. Right after this fluffer woke up

35. How am I supposed to wash my hands, you little kitty?

36. Me and my girl watching a horror movie

37. My girl posing in sunlight

38. Guess what’s wrong with this blanket

39. Cutie must be having a sweet dream

40. When kitty takes his selfie

41. That’s the face I make when I see someone eating my food

42. Meet the cutest battle cat

43. Hey hooman, why are you not listening to me?

44. Showing us how strong his teeth are

45. This cat leaves his marks wherever he goes

46. Beauty and the beast

47. He is playing in a paper bag. Adorable little kitty

48. Cutest monster I have ever seen

49. Little baby would bite everything you would offer him

50. When you sleep halfway in the movie

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