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30+ Times Hoomans Wanted Cats And Dogs To Live Together…But It Didn’t Work Out As Planned

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(With GIF and Pictures)

If you landed here, you probably like cats, some of you might only like dogs and there will be some that love both. If you are the later then wishing for the best is about all you can do when you have both a cat and a dog. Although there’s a stereotype of cats and dogs hating each other, with a little bit of luck and some very careful introductions the two can actually live together in relative harmony.

Our list of photos below give you a glimpse into the few times when felines and canines had their natural instincts take over and fought like…well cats and dogs. We can brush it up to sibling rivalry but deep inside their hearts they do love each other

1. Look at the dog, lol

2. I didn't mean that

3. I hate you catto. 1 sec later: love you catto

4. Housemate’s Dog Doesn’t Accept That My Cat Won’t Be His Friend. Waits Patiently Outside My Door Everyday For My Cat To Trust Him

5. Hey mom she did it again

6. The kitties said: this house is our now

7. Opps sorry


8. My Cat Doesn’t Like My Dog, Taking His Hate To The Next Extreme

9. I don't see any cat in the house

10. It's a monster!

11. It's so nice to have a pillow right here

12. I guess I lost my bed

13. Intruder

14. Cat just don't care

15. Hey catto you gotta stop bullying the dog

16. Wake up you lazy doggo


17. I don't want to look at the cat

18. Catto just don't like new member

19. Enough, take this!

20. Are they watching me mom?

21. Hey stay out of my girl


22. Cat: Pleaseee, stop that

23. You have reached the end doggo

24. First day meet new catto but it not so well...

25. Get out doggo


26. Just adopted a dog, this sums up how the cat feels about him

27. Struggle is real...

28. Oh hi there mom, you are home early

29. Nobody knows what they’ve been up to, make a guess

30. My house, my boxes!


31. Hey doggo meet your new friend

32. Wait, I can explain, please it is not what you saw

33. Yo dog, it's my lap

34. You are going no where doggo


35. The dog seen so nervous

36. The cat is terrorizing the dog

37. I'm watching you

38. When you love your bf but also mad at him


39. The cat is laughing at the dog, I guess

40. Hey mom, can I sleep with you tonight?

41. Pong pong pong, this game is fun hooman


42. Yo doggo I have surprise for ya, take this


43. Hey yo don't mess with my people


44. I challenge you doggo


45. "How r you paw?" "Tuck Off!"


46. He just can't do anything


47. Hello friend, hi there, eat snow


48. Gimme 5 more minutes!



49. Tiny but mighty




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