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Hilarious Photos Of Cats Doing What Cats Do Best (Seriously)

KingdomOfCat Admin

It's that purr-fect time of day where you get to paws what you're doing and focus on what is truly important: cats on the Internet. We're not kitten around, this is serious business.

All across the Internet, cats remind us who is really in charge (it's them, they're in charge.) They are either making us laugh or making us utter, "WTF," there is hardly ever an in between outside of the occasional, "awwww!"

We're dedicated to making sure you're always in the know, that is, knowing what cats are doing currently to make us laugh! Trust me, they've been on their BS nonstop.

1. Is he taunting me?

2. My cat loves old dryer sheets

3. I can't tell if he's enjoying his cleaning or if he hates it

4. His new toy sparked an existential crisis

5. I'm still cute btw

6. Lazy day for miss pumpkin, just her favorite chair and tv show with her hand in her crotch.. are we sure it’s not a man?

7. I love box, box is love, box is life

8. I fit, I sit

9. I want food, gimme hooman

10. I think my cat is broken

11. I eat in my way

12. He’s doing the splits and I can’t

13. Look my bikini, so comfortable

14. What ya hooman look at?

15. She's just vibin

16. He really likes corn can’t eat any with out some tax

17. Egg really likes the head petting. I call this expression “Joker Mouf”

18. So comfortable

19. Just relaxing, I guess

20. My cat just put his tail on the tank and have no idea what he is doing

21. What ya looking at hooman

22. I just tired

23. This is my bedroom meow

24. Lying in a patch of mud, spying on the neighbours under the gate... you weirdo

25. Confused and concerned

26. Hi there hooman, suprise

27. Gave my normal senior baby a bath. Somehow wound up with the cat version of slenderman

28. I'm just tired with this hooman


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