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Cats Who Nail Human Reactions To Everyday Situations….Hilarious!

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After you go through these pictures, you'll ask yourself, "am I part cat"? Because, cats are a little too good at nailing human reactions, and facial expressions? How is it possible that these little non-human creatures react the same way we crazy humans do? Of course, their reactions may not be towards the same situations we would react to, but hey....they still nailed the faces

1. My cat gave birth right under our Christmas tree

2. When you drop your phone and you’re too scared to pick it up and see the damage

3. This cat is known in the neighborhood as the underwear thief

4. When your friend is dating someone new and they’re in that annoying “puppy love” phase

5. It has taken my cat a full 5 minutes to arrange himself so that all 4 feet are on this envelope

6. My 2 cats sleeping in their tunnel look like one extra-long kitty

7. A perfect moment in the life of our cats

8. When you hear your roommate yell “Who ate the last Girl Scout cookie?!” two rooms away

9. Pregnant? But I’m too young for this!

10. When your significant other gets you a present for your anniversary even after you agreed NO PRESENTS

11. When someone with a clipboard stops you on the street and asks “Do you care about children?"

12. When a crying baby on the subway is testing your last nerve

13. This is the world’s most interesting lamp, according to 5 cats

14. When a parking space opens up RIGHT in front of the store you’re going to

15. When you get home from vacation and open the fridge and it smells like something died in there:

16. Those sweet fishy dreams…

17. My kitten likes to ’hide’ in this jar, and her brother always gets confused

18. When someone uses the word “irregardless” in earnest:

19. When your cat is a true gentleman

20. When you run into that kid you had a class with senior year but you can’t remember his name

21. When you can’t execute a pose in yoga class and you just sit there hoping no one else notices:

22. When you realize that you’re just a tiny part of the universe

23. Apparently, this cat was trying to communicate with aliens, but got interrupted

24. Like cats, like kittens

25. When your favorite character gets killed off a show

26. When you try to take a quick shower before the delivery guy shows up, but you hear the doorbell right when you put shampoo in your hair

27. My cat messed with some bees and now looks like a duck!

28. He’s the only one who came when I said dinner was ready

29. Pawty and where is our food?

30. When you open your laptop in a meeting and “Party in the USA” starts playing at full volume

31. When something rings up at the register for cheaper than you thought it would be

32. My cat got covered in flour and accidentally let his inner demon out

33. Total eclipse of the cat

34. When it’s sunny, my cat always does this

35. When you accidentally send a text to the person you were talking smack about:

36. When your cat is a secret anime fan

37. My cat likes to think outside the box!

38. When someone wears Uggs to a wedding:

39. When you’re not even through your front door and you can smell someone’s baking something marvelous

40. When you’re home alone but you hear a creaking noise in another room:

41. When someone tells you they actually enjoy music from a singer you hate:

42. When someone tells you they really like pineapple pizza:

43. When you go to a wedding and it’s a cash bar:

44. When you get a G-chat from your boss that says “Do you have a sec?”

45. When your waiter brings out food and you’re trying to tell if it’s for your table:

46. When your cats’ personal life is more eventful than yours

47. When you get to work and you can’t remember if you locked your front door

48. When someone asks you “Did you lose weight?” like it’s some kind of compliment:

49. When a new bagel place opens up near your apartment:

50. When your roommate makes too much food for dinner and asks if you want the rest:

51. My cat turned into 8 bit.

52. When you really want your friend to come to a weird party with you so you don’t have to go alone

53. When you just remembered you forgot to text your friend back…days later

54. When you see a righteous booty from across the room


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