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Daily Update Cat Videos Will Make You Smile

KingdomOfCat Admin

Top cute cat videos, update everyday, be sure to follow our website for more!

1. There are 2 cutest things I love the most: Baby and Cats

 from @the_cat_named_carrot

2. My fur baby are half cat, half hamster 

 from @mickykardashian

3. That cat is leading a more adventurous life than I am

 from @emmylou_adventurecat

4. She’s stockpiling bananas and potatoes, turn them in to a pillow!

 From @katebeckinsale

5. Hey human it's treat time! gimme some

 From @nxxbliss.fosters

6. Oh this looks like a nice spot to lay on” *GLOMP*

 From @charlie.fosterdad

7. Bathing is hard work and requires a nap immediately afterwards.

 From @love2foster

8. My new and improved meow

 From @thatcatbobbie

9. Aww what a cute bat without wings

 From @toothless.soh

10. What do you mean you think I’m being being obsessive? I just want it NOW

 From @nxxbliss.fosters

11. Okay this is acceptable hooman!

 TikTok @kassandrahill

12. Taking Time to Talk to Tris

 From @foster_furbabies

13. The 5 cutest seconds I’ve seen all day

 From @little.foster.family

14. Wait till his eyes!

 From @prada.cat.queen

15. I love to see people being kind and loving to their pets!

 From @foster_furbabies

16. What do ya mean I got something on my face

 From @kitty_fostering_oz

17. Omg look at those toe beans!!

 From @oo_dongs

18. Social-distancing

 From @jillianjooste

19. I could watch this for hours and hours!❤️

 From @kitten_faces

20. Oh she dreaming 😍

From @fostercatsandkittens

21. Let me halp you mom!

 From @sydneeyannn

22. He has melted!

 From @coley_jens

23. Let's fight hooman!

 From @drouinathalie

24. Just 5 more minutes, please momm!

 From @hello_luna_rose

25. Innocent man attacked by deadly catto!

 From @lilmissvixey

26. Outta the way mom we got places to be & people to see

 From @pandathechonkybear

27. Fully trained human

 From @gato.thecato

28. He trying soooo hard to be scawy

 From @kitty_fostering_oz

29. And summer is over....

 From @cat_manchester

30. I have a sister now hooman! Yay!

 From @foster_furbabies

31. Slime cat! So adorable

 From @ami____5

32. These are the cutest little kitten nuggets

 From @kitten_faces

33. Play catching with my hooman, half dog, half cat now!

 From @zeus.thefeline

34. Me clinging on to a salmon during my dream

 From @zeus.thefeline

35. When life gives you toys, you catch them and maybe get a hold of them next time

 From @zeus.thefeline

36. Stay at home or dance with Freya

 From @zeus.thefeline

P/S: He is still okay at all, heathy and happy 

37. He is just so cute!

 From @ami____5

38. If you're happy and you know it, say prupru⁣⁣

 From @zeus.thefeline

39. Peekaboo!

 From @alinsyume

 40. Who wants to come over and chill with me?

 From @thisisrosiekitty

 41. Sweet furbaby!

 From @catmanchrispoole

 42. Birds/mosquitos spotted

 From @drektek


 43. Extra Puffy Mode

 From @raleighkittens

44. Belly full, time to nap

 From @fosterbabycats

45. Good morning from Kittenland

 From @kitten_faces

46. What my couch looks like every morning

 From @kitty_fostering_oz

47. Cats are so pawrecious

 From @parkerandlily

48. He looked unfriendly on the outside but im telling u, he's sweet on the inside


 From @heyheyoscar


 From @rachaelraerobertson

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