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Kitten with Bent Paws Found on Farm with Her Brother, Determined to Live Life to the Fullest

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A kitten with bent paws was found on a farm along with her brother. She was determined to live a full life.



A tabby kitten was discovered in a horse barn along with her brother a couple of months ago. Anna Dickerson-Homan, an animal rescuer and fosterer based in Higgins Lake, Michigan, came across a post about the tabby needing rescue.

The two kittens were around 3.5 weeks old and the tabby had noticeable genetic defects. They were covered in fleas and filth and were in desperate need of proper food and medical attention.

After getting much-needed baths and nourishment, the kittens curled up in their new bed and went to sleep with full bellies. They were named Bart (black) and Lisa (tabby) after Anna's parents.

The kittens were born with Manx Syndrome (tailless and with spinal defects). Lisa the tabby also had clubbed front paws and a few other congenital conditions. Despite having different features, she was always in good spirits.

As soon as she got strength in her little legs after a good night sleep, she was on the prowl, exploring around her new digs and meeting everyone she came across. The fearless, mighty little kitten didn't let anything stop her.

Lisa went on about her days without a care in the world. She enjoyed her new life as an indoor cat along with her dearest brother. She was so content and happy that she often rolled on her back and went right to sleep.

The sweet kitten insisted on doing everything just like other cats.

She was petite and chonky but never wanted to miss out on any action. she would hang onto the window sill so she could take a peek of the outside world.

Lisa followed her brother everywhere around the house, playing with toys and creating all sorts of antics. She learned to use a ramp to get on a tall bed like a champ.

Over the next few weeks, the warrior kitty continued to amaze her people with her incredible resolve.

They began treating her front paws while providing medical care she needed to improve her quality of life. The tabby overcame one hurdle after another and was never fazed at the vet.

Lisa and her brother Bart are getting the best care and unconditional love from their foster family.

"She is consistently playful, happy and bright. She is perfectly imperfect and a cognitively normal kitty who just wants to do cat things," Anna shared with us.

Lisa may need a little assistance with climbing and isn't the most skilled jumper, but she always gives 120 percent and tries to be as excellent of a feline as she could be.

"We've made some modifications to our home to provide her with better accessibility to the couch and bed."

The tabby girl plays hard and snuggles even harder. She likes to nuzzle up to her foster parents and to be smooshed as close as possible.

Whenever Foster Dad massages her paws, she will drift off to sleep in his arms in pure bliss.

Bart has been by his sister's side throughout this journey. They are each other's biggest cheerleader.

Anna hopes that someday she will find a special home that understands the needs of the kittens, and will love them all the same.

"I'll keep them til I find a home that's a perfect fit for them."

"You don't need to be a medical expert to open your heart to a kitten like Lisa, you just have to have the fire in your heart to help them," Anna said.

"They are just as deserving of love and attention as 'normal' cats and kittens."

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