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Talented Artist Puts Adorable Animals Into Her Cute And Dreamy Illustrations

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Nana Key, also known as puffygator on social media, is an avid animal illustrator and sculptor from New England, USA. Growing up as a person of color and, she found comfort in animals and art. Through battling life events and rare health issues, she makes art that comforts and heals. She hopes that she can spread happiness and peace to everyone around her.

That’s the reason why she creates cute illustrations of animals and shares them on social media. You may not believe, but her dreamy and adorable illustrations can make you feel good inside. Thanks to her own unique artistic style, she becomes famous on the internet and now has gained 120k followers who are in love with her illustrations.





1. Black catto

2. Lion and rose

3. A happy fox

4. One day, I will fully grow and beautiful as well

5. I will always be with you lil fella

6. Dreamy owl

7. Umm, fresh water

8. We are best friend, fishies

9. Bleh, tongue out and happy everyday

10. Let's go on adventure, lil fella

11. Picking up sweaty fruit

12. Enjoy the water

13. Tongue out everyday

14. She looking so beautiful

15. I love honey

16. With rose, I am more cutie and beautiful

17. Let's hunt together

18. I am smol, once day I will grow and become more and more beautiful

19. The more flowers human give me, the more beautiful I am

20. A royal doggo

21. It's dinner time

22. Tiger with flower

23. So, I love this mug, but I also want to throw it away

24. Chubby bird

25. A truly queen

26. A bee with sweet candy

27. I am beauty lil hooman?

28. I will hold you tight my children, to where have food

29. Smile, because it's the best thing

30. Enjoy the flowers

If you love Nana and her artwork, you can keep up with her on puffygator.com | Instagram | twitter.com. After seeing her artwork below, we are sure that you also want to become one of her fans.

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