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These Cat Scenarios Are Strangely Familiar To Anyone Who Is Living Their Best Cat Filled Life

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Living life with frisky felines is simultaneously a one-of-a-kind experience and the sort of thing that will present a multitude of "relatable" scenarios that only other "crazy cat people" would or could "get."

We get it! We may not fully understand the mysteries of cats but we do understand the humor and delight entangled in said mysteries.

We don't know why the cat cries when the food bowl isn't the proper amount of full but we all understand the humor in a cat's behavior when the food bull isn't the proper amount of full.

Cats are the gift to humanity that continues to keep giving: delight in every day, humor in every hour, insanity in every lifetime.



1. Christmas Trees: The Best Cat Toy EVER

2. I'll have what she's having

3. When you got scratched, but you still love him

4. I think she likes it here.

5. Proof that your cat is literally laughing at you?

6. Toilet paper is a great toy, otherwise toy wouldn't be in the name. You can disguise the y as an i but you cannot fool a cat.

7. The desire to go into professional investigator mode is one that can not be overcome

8. This laundry is clean? Excellent

9. Where should I sit right now? On the floor, for sure

10. Being a furry alarm clock is an art form only the best have mastered.

11. Mom! Look what I just did

12. I opened the door to the balcony, placed my cushion on the bench, went inside to grab my book, and this is what I saw when I went back outside

13. Oh, were you sitting here? Noce

14. My cat has kindly offered to clear out some drawers and cupboards for me today while I chill out

15. My cat wakes me up every morning. This morning, I woke her up

16. My boyfriend is afraid to sleep on his side of the bed because Sigmund will often jump down, right onto his face in the middle of the night

17. You are simply not allowed to recycle the cardboard boxes until the cats are done with them.

18. We got him a new litterbox with high sides because he likes to throw out all the litter. Now he’s upset

19. Wow, human, this is, like, the purr-fect place to sit!

20. You know what I see in this face?

21. Never give your cats little pieces of cheese from your sandwich when they’re little, no matter how cute they are… Because this is what happens later on

22. What are you looking at?

23. He is literally singing you the song of his people.



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