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Adorable Catto Videos And Images Will Make You Smile

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1. I’m single because nobody believes that I’m single

From @poonchic

2. Hi everyone, it’s me Henry. Since today is Monday, I figured one of Ollie’s famous belly shots might spread some cheer. You’re welcome

From @iamprincehenry

3. Scrambled and extra crispy

From @thatcatbobbie

4. She is just about the most beautiful precious thing ever. Now she is with a loving family

Update: We adopted Nora last October and she has become such an amazing part of family. The vet believes some trauma happened to her because of her tail and paw but we’ve never gotten X-rays to confirm or deny that because the vet said there’s nothing they could do.⁠

However, many of you have mentioned her being a ringtail cat which is a genetic thing that causes her tail to flip up. So this may be the case. Whatever it is it doesn’t seem to bother her. She is such an active and happy cat

From @nala.meetsworld

5. I feel like this fight lacks conviction, Definitely Rock, paw-paw and scissors

From @mellamprey

6. Peek a boo, me trying to reach the last snack of the bag

From @catkochan

7. I hope you have a good day - cheeto

From @the_catnamedcheeto

8. Buster catch that fly. How cute lol. The cat peeked first

From @buster_and_brothers

9. Just one, all the attention cutie

From @catnamedsquirrel

10. I love the insanity of cats. He’s got the poop zoomies, I bet it’s 9am too

From @_opa.nna

11. The way she swims back to my arm for a rest

From @hester_is_not_a_cat

12. Living our best lives

From @binx.and.max

13. what should I babysit next?

From @adriano.leonrdo

14. Hard to believe but this little lady turns 5 next week. Happy Caturday everyone

From @elle_the_crippled_cat

15. Cat sniff test, Always. It's just polite

From @kuzcopluscleo

16. Going UP, I’d greet him like that too

From @catnamedroswell

17. DISCO HAS CEREBELLAR HYPOPLASIA, She isn’t in any pain and it won’t affect her lifespan

CH is when the cerebellum doesn’t develop fully before birth. Because of this, she has poor motor control. Please don’t feel bad for her. She doesn’t know life any other way! She’s very independent and loves to go to the pet store and explore. She hates being carried around the store and would much rather slip and slide around as she sniffs the shelves. Rest assured, she’s treated like a princess and is very happy despite her condition

From @dancingcatdisco

18. It’s hard work being a cat. We usually wake up around 5 or 6 am and sometimes we wake up mum at 4 am for a super early breakfast

From @pizza_and_luna

19. I love to bother my mom while she’s trying to do her skincare

From @lunaslazydays

20. Wow, Millenials. Giving 10/10 to loafs that are CLEARLY 7/10 AT BEST

From @gigilunasisters

21. The meatloaf! We want it now

From @kokos_meow_pl

22. They both wake me up at 3:00am, biting my toes, so what’s the diff

For all intents and purposes, the above statement is a JOKE, and is not be used to imply that the account holder has any type of foot fetish. She will not respond to any messages regarding her feet

From @thehikelifecat

23. These roadrunners in abq put on a show for Fitz every day. I've done this and also tried to make conversation with them while doing it

From therewasatime

24. A transformation we love to see

From @emiliotheginger

25. It’s my 10th Birthday


26. Fritz is just happy to be here. Look at that face, listen to those purrs… she’s just living her best little cat life

From @fatfritzandfriends

27. Most of her fart reactions so far

From @andreavonspeed

28. Yeowlp Review: 5 stars service was fast and friendly, however, my order arrived incomplete. I clearly ordered three treats and only received one

From @leonard_you_rascal

29. That's the Cat that is Dream in Neil Gaiman's Sandman "Dream Of A Thousand Cats."

From @robert_sijka

30. U Gotz Da Moves

From @themeowrz

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