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Funny And Cute Catto Moment Will Cheer You Up

KingdomOfCat Admin

1. She Ain't Heavy, She's My Kitty

From @mrmattmccarthy

2. Who is such a beautiful potato here

From @mmeowmmia

3. Big paws, Oh gaw, so fluffy

From @potap_and_viski

4. His eyes! We're in love, it's official

From @mufasa_maincoon

5. Brothers, am I right?

From @bengals.sage.palo

6. Incredibly adorable and cute

From @naana_n_felfel

7. Let's take a walk, so cute together

From @nekochannekochan1718

8. Go on a mental health walk. You might end up meeting the person that puts you on a right path

From @adventurecatleo

9. I wouldn’t change a thing

From @theoreocatofficial

10. Will I be a super Meowdel

From @luluhv

11. Check out these two

From @spotitudesavannahs

12. Sunday morning, he‘s adorable! We (obviously) love tuxies

From @olgascats

13. A Cat . A plan. One world

From @finlays_kingdom

14. Oh hi there, how’s it going

From @noosa_meow

15. How do I get out of this basket

From @mooseyflufferpants

16. It’s been extremely hot recently!! I miss walking in the snow

From @rikamiz

17. Always grateful to have time for play

From @mr.watson_b

18. I promise I’ll calm down. Birds understand body language

From @alicemarieragdoll

19. Some things are stranger than others

From @lily_rose_adventures

20. Meowing snack in bed, The best way to wake up

From @te.kitties

21. When you're getting ready for work but your hair is a big mess

From @atchoumthecat

22. Hina, I asked for support from your older brother and older sister

From @hinako_munchkin

23. He sticks by my side no matter the consequences

From @tigger.tings

24. Cat corn

Thor’s my little miracle boy. He was diagnosed with FIP at 3 months and I did an invasive treatment that consisted of giving him a shot everyday for 84 days (he was a trooper) and he’s been cured for 1 year now! I have a post on his insta showing his before and during treatment. It shows how amazing the progress was in only 3 days. He went from not being able to stand/walk or eat without a syringe to walking/running and eating on his own

From @ThorTheFold

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