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Cute Cattos and Videos To Start Your January

KingdomOfCat Admin

1. Mentally I’m ready for Christmas, Financially I’m not ready for Christmas

From @poonchic

2. How do you say “adventure” in your language?

From @sukiicat

3. Birdie loves his sparkle balls, but some are more precious than others

From @seeminglyabsurd

4. Dear San-paw, I know you see me when I'm sleeping. I know you know when I awake, I know you know if I've been bad or good, but can I just have one treat for Christmas please?!

From @thebengal_luna

5. Remember this video of me showing my hoomans who is boss?

From @zeytoonthekitty

6. Falling for you

From @siberian_reinhardt

7. Happy Monday, have a good one

From @ulrik.the.siberian

8. Love me daddy, Beautiful man beautiful cat

From @sphynxinseattle

9. Charlie gave me some biscuit making cat therapy this morning

From @moretolovecharlie

10. Check out this new reality TV show

From @bonnienclydekitties

11. Chilling with my bro, What are you up to? Let me know

From @ghost.the.keetso

12. It takes a village, Please accept this treat your highness.

From @cobythecat

13. Monday mood, Cute

From @myspacekittens

14. KNOCK FIRST!!! Also Princess… a bit of a perv, Hooman. Just be thankful that we haven't touched your Xmas tree

From @nathanthecatlady

15. Eclipse of the fluff, how beautiful and adorable this catto


16. And that’s the deal, my dear

From @thatcatbobbie

17. pro tip: bite your human when you need attention

From @mad.pesto

18. The view is better from up here

From @brucewilliesphynx

19. One smile can’t change the world, but your smile changed mine

From @ilckenzoo

20. Just one full minute of this. Because I think we could all use it

From @nilpferd_de_la_nuit

21. I'd love to date u, from a cute dog

From @lunaloveslouis

22. I'm simply enquiring as to whether you'd be willing to share that pizza with me, your poor starving little boy? Don't you know that senior cats need at least one large pizza per week to survive? I read it in a pamphlet I wrote

From @veryoldkevin

23. You can not see me hooman, I am just a bag!

From @roll_buka

24. Momo Loves ice ! She can sit and watch them melt for hours, This cat enjoys drinking cold water

From @momo.khanoom

25. When you got chores to do but you don’t feel like doing it

From @eric_and_ollie_

26. My moms find it hilarious that I figured out how to play fetch in just a couple of days. This neither of their dogs ever did.. I guess it just takes a cat to show how it’s done.. baaam

From @astridlindgrennovo

27. Mischievous, I like to destroy everything you have mom

From @lucyquicksilver

28. Hello Pumpkin! MrWhoo waiting for his snack

From @mrwhooshanghai

29. Here's behind the scenes of our fun video which has received a lot of unjustified negative responses. No fur balls were hurt during shooting of the video and their health and wellbeing is always a priority to us

It took a lot of patience, few attempts and editing just for few seconds of video. Please concentrate on real animal abuse who really need your help, not on well looked after fur balls who have loving warm homes, full bellies, plenty of entertainment and cared for dearly

From @jojotheragdollcat

30. Watch with sound. I love her little purrs so much

From @peanytodd

31. I am not responsible enough to own this cactus

From @ivartheincredible_blindcat

32. I make these faces at mum but I promise I love her, He looks like a tired owen wilson

From @louisandmonae

33. Hello dear friend, enjoy this big stretch, she is so precious

From @lollycatrex

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