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Those Catto Videos and Pictures Will Shine Your Dark Day

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1. Meet Daisy, the precious fur lil baby

From @jajang_donald

2. Give me, right meow, I will take a smol bite

From @_tomato

3. Leapin’ into the weekend, for the paw-ty

From @indirathebengal

4. My human thinks they are funny .That's the last time I hang out with them near the bath tub

From @magnus_the_orange

5. I caught a pretty special moment on camera.⁠ Joey really seemed like he wanted to go help the screaming kitty in the video… little does he know that was him from just 1 year ago. Crazy to think how much has changed

From @kittyboyandfriends

6. Gaze into the blue of the sea, Beautiful and gorgeous eyes

From @raffi_the_spidercat

7. Baby Mosta meow, with an Izanami squeak. That meow-tache

From @izanami.and.mostaccioli

8. This was our first video posted of the year and definitely one of my favorites showing Calvin and Rosie bouncing for treats. Excitement tends to lead to even less control but the happiness in this bouncing makes me smile every time I watch

From @tippytuxies

9. No matter what, she is still the most beautiful kitten I ever know

From @zikrettinn

10. Lovely catto, she is just don't care about everything

From @coco_bori

11. Find yourself someone who looks at you the same way I look at snacks

From @siberian.leo

12. Throwback to one of Ducks first viral videos showing off some real speed. Im t-rex now

From @purrasicduck

13. The Moosey meow, Those little whiskers are the best

From @mooseyflufferpants

14. And… Yep! That’s exactly what she wanted. That young man was very gentle with her, that is heartwarming to see

From @triumphant_teagan

15. Love fish, hi there little food, I mean.. friends

From @ymnc_rf

16. Frosty’s defensive maneuvers might have worked against his brother Kringle, if it weren’t for his uncoordinated little body working against him

From @ohanakittyfostering

17. A BIG cotton ball with legs, I got chu fluffy boy

From @ayla_the_chonk

18. Scary movie, feeding the monster be like...

From @woidkatzal

19. Enjoying a good brush on my head


20. Beautiful cat and beautiful eyes, this lil fella is talking with birds

From @eliftekneci

21. The messiest eater, but still adorable anyway.

From @chateau_otoro

22. A cutie sleepy pie

From @toothy_19

23. Someone is jealous, anyone else here have a cat who loves to go on a walk?

From @kittenxlady

24. Making the bed with cats never been so fun like this. My fur friends want to join too

From @mickeyandmort

25. When Phin literally just ate his breakfast and you're in the kitchen to make a coffee and he demands a second breakfast. How did he ever become this confident and bold?

From @orangeisthenewblackandtan

26. The milk bar is always open. Chile is one of those cool moms who doesn’t follow the normal rules. Wean the kittens? Naw! These kittens are so spoiled and lucky

From @fosterkittys

27. Wake up hooman, the bowl will not fill itself. Beautiful & exotic fella

From @esikimir

28. Sending you some sunshine from my happy place. Cat looks chilled out! So cute

From @surfercatmav

29. Nope, gimme fishes or treats instead, no vegetable

From @gingersgagreel

30. I can fly moooom, look at this

From @black_cat_tack

31. Throwback with Pianist Cat. He is meditating, so relaxed, and so happy for sure

From @sarperduman

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