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30 Cute Amazing Facts About Animals That Will Make You Say “Aww”

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If you are looking for amazing things about the animals, you’ve been at the right place. This post shares 30 cute amazing facts about animals. They’re not only about their unbelievable features that shake the world a little but are also about their cute educational facts. Giving these a looking and you will have a better understanding of the animals. As there is no limit in nature, why don’t we learn more about the animals around us?

These facts and photos are referred to a Reddit community named “Awwducational” created in November 2012. This community aims to provide animal lovers with the most amusing facts of the animals around us. Although they are lesser-known, they can make people say “aww” after giving it a look. Additionally, these facts are super attractive to the kids. They love animals and enjoy exploring the world outside. These will get them hooked. Let’s check them out!




1. Cows and dogs could be best friends. These animals have a similar emotional range, boldness, shyness, fearfulness, and even playfulness

2. Sand cats survive in the dessert. These adorable fluffy animals are masters at digging shallow burrows to escape the heat of the desert during the day

3. Aardwolves are shy and nocturnal animals. they sleep in underground burrows by day, living as they live as monogamous pairs with their babies

4. There is one cute fact that blue penguins are the smallest of their kind. Once grown up, blue penguins reach only 12-13in tall. This is also what makes them called Fairy Penguins

5. The secretary bird makes its name for its snake-stomping legs. A single kick of this bird delivers some 195 Newtons of force. Its long eyelashes are also what make this bird standout

6. Chinese water deer are so small when they were born. You can hold them in the palm of the hand. They also grow long upper canine teeth when matured, giving them the name “vampire deer”

7. The Gibbon primate practices Monogamy

8. Rats like to have their bellies tickled, so scientists used that as basis for testing happiness in rats

9. The research shows that the milk of pinnipeds consists of up to 60% fat, allowing the young to grow fairly quickly

10. Do you know that cheetahs are shy wild animals? That’s why zoos Give them emotional “support dogs"

11. This season, about 150 kākāriki karaka chicks have hatched. This helps to double this rare bird population

12. 5 parrots get removed from public view at a wildlife park after starting swearing at customers. these parrots taught each other to swear during the day

13. Seagulls Stomping On Grass: They caw dance, but not sing

14. Cambodian landmine-detecting rat Magawa has won the PSDA Gold Medal for His exceptional bravery. Till present, the heroic rat has discovered 39 landmines and 28 items of unexploded ordnance

15. The Aardvark plays an essential part in preventing wildlife deaths from fire. These animals dig large underground burrows that help hide and save animals during fires

16. The Dracula parrot makes its name for its pitch-black beak, head and tail, black and grey chest, and scarlet feathers

17. Capybara’s are friendly. They can get along well with other animals around them like dogs, cats, and chickens

18.  The Burmese star tortoise is one of the few animals that have come back from being called functionally extinct

19. It can be said that the Northern Cardinal is one of the most romantic bird species. These beautiful flying animals mate for life, travel together, sing before nesting, and during courtship, feed seed beak-to-beak

20. Do you know that a sloth’s claws work the opposite way that human hand does? The default position is a tight strong grip, and sloths must exert effort to open them up. This is why these guys don’t fall out of trees even when they’re asleep

21. The Pudú deers are the smallest of their breed. On average, they only grow up to 15 inches tall

22. This fact will keep both kids and adults amazed. The Mangalica pig is the only one of its kind covered in a long wool coat, similar to a sheep’s.

23. Lynx have evolved enormous paws to distribute weight better in snow, acting like natural snowshoes

24. The trio of a lion, a bear, and a tiger lived together as a family after rescued from abusive owners

25. When figuring out there is danger, Malabar giant squirrels prefer freezing or flattens itself against the tree trunk to fleeing

26. In most Western countries, black cats are considered a bad omen. Meanwhile, In Scottish lore, the arrival of a strange black cat signifies prosperity

27. Possums (or opossums) are different from other mammals that carry ticks. These animals gobble up 90 percent of the ticks that attach to them. According to the National Wildlife Federation, a single possum consumes 5000 of the parasites per tick season

28. The Chow Chow is one of the world’s most singular and possibly oldest breeds

29. It’s hilarious that cows have “eureka” moments, and take pleasure in their own learning achievements

30. Alex, the African Grey parrot, is the only animal to ever ask an existential question. He asked “what color is it” when he saw his reflection


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