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28 Photos Of Norwegian Forest Cats That Prove They Are Too Majestic

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I am willing to bet my everything on the fact that you have not seen a more majestically cat than the one I am about to show you guys today. You guys really are in for the treat. The Norwegian Forest Cat, as the name suggests, is a cat breed with an origin from Norway. By the way, these Norwegians are too lucky men. Noway’s Human Development Index or HDI value for 2019 was 0.957. The country is ranked number 1 in terms of how developed their humans are. Their Income per person for the year 2020 was $78,250. That is an average! So outrageous. And now they have got the most majestic cat to ever grace the face of the Earth. So rude.

Anyways, I got a little carried away, the cat! The Norwegian Forest Cats have a very thick, long, and glossy top coat and a wooly undercoat which allows them to survive in extremely cold weather. They are a breed of Northern Europe after all. They are also known as the ‘cat of the Vikings’ the way they look. These cats have an average life span between 14 to 16 years and the male can weigh anywhere between 5 to 8 kilograms. They are considered one of the largest domestic cats in terms of size. If you talk about their personality, Norwegian Forest Cats are actually very gentle and sweet, that is if you don’t annoy them. They are kind of shy around humans but with patience, as the trust builds strong, they love hanging around them.

And lastly, the looks. I don’t want to talk much about that and just let you witness their beauty in its whole entirety. Ready to witness one of, if not the most majestic cat breed in the world?

Well! What are you waiting for? Scroll down below to enjoy!

1. Very large. Very glorious

2. She is about to rant! And look cute while doing so.

3. This is Winnie. A chonky Norwegian Forest Cat

4. A heartthrob

5. If I fit, I take up the whole thing

6. Norway’s official cat, ladies and gentlemen

7. Roni is getting his third nap of the day…happily

8. Big floof

9. And yeah, don’t think they are a weakling just because they look cute. Here’s one chasing a damn fox

10. Where is that ‘makes-you-look-hot-af’ gene. I need it.

11. 2 adorable Norwegian Forest Cats fitting perfectly in their new bed

12. Its morning face looks better than my face

13. A lion? Or an old scholar who likes to lecture about the end of time? Either way, this cat is so photogenic

14. Woah! It looks like a king!

15. It’s like that coat is detachable and it can be put on and off at will. Its groomer deserves applause

16. Believe it or not, they really went extinct

17. Viking. An adorable Viking

18. Ooo la la!

19. Here’s a gorgeous grey-white Norwegian Forest Cat with its Mommy. Just look at the size of that thing

20. Even though people associate them with Europe, their actual origin is still a mystery.

21. The creature of the winter

22. One word: Cuteness

23. Fun fact: They are water repellent

24. Built to survive in the wild

25. A raw image of a Norwegian forest cat

26. Oh God, you really didn’t have to spend an extra hour to make me this beautiful

27. Their floofy selves are always attentive to their surroundings

28. Is this a new trend? They all look like goddesses with that walk

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