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36 Pictures Of Cats Defying Physics By Turning Into Liquid

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We all are familiar with the fact that cats love to fit into small places for some unknown reason, squeeze into tiny spaces and hide in the dark. They love to do that. They live by the rule of ‘if it fits, I sits’. The way they fit into the tightest spaces is incredible. The way they turn into the liquid to fit wherever they want, they can reshape themselves into any form to fit in. Totally defying physics and leaving us questioning yet another mysterious and unique quality of cats. Cats are shape-shifters for real.




We have gathered some mind-blowing and mind-jumbling pictures of cats shape-shifting into whatever form and shape they want to fit in. Keep scrolling to be awestruck as the rest of us.

1. Are they conjoined twins?

2. She really said, ‘If it fits, I sits’.

3. This is the best example of how a cat can shape-shift into any form

4. Me after finishing my homework

5. Oh, I love big, fluffy furbabies

6. Is she sunbathing or what

7. That does not look comfortable at all

8. When Monday hit me like...


9. Why do cats love to do this? I will never ever understand

10. Cats love sitting in a pot

11. We call it cat waterfall

12. She is cute

13. I have to admit, this looks beautiful

14. This cat is liquid, I am convinced

15. Wait, I thought it was flour!

16. This kitty loves plants, nature’s baby

17. The type of stuff you see in the circus


18. This is so funny

19 Cats look so cute when they are sleepy

20. He is melting

21. I feel warm and comfy in here

22. She sleeps wherever, however she wants

23. They sleep wherever they want, they sit wherever they want. That is cats for you

24. Is that a catshake?

25. This is not a bottle holder, it is a cat holder

26. Where is the cat? I do not see one, fur only

27. He does not look happy at all

28. She is a mood for sweet treats

29. What was the reason?

30. A catpuccino to go, please

31. Is that a mozzarella cheese strip or a cat?

32. Aww, so peaceful

33. A cat lasagna in the making

34. Have you heard of the new superhero? The liquid-cat? This is him

35. Well, hello there

36. That one eye looking scary as hell

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