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Meet Horatio, A Model Cat That Wears Epic Costumes To Promote His Local Library’s Books And DVDs

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Our obsession with cats is increasing with every passing day. We want to see more wholesome or funny cat content on social media when we are bored and scrolling through our feeds. I guess we all grew up to become crazy cat people. Cats just have this energy that brightens everything up. They are the centre of attention in a room full of people. All eyes are on the cat and everyone is interested in what it is doing, even if it is just taking a nap. The positive energy that they radiate is actually good for us. Being around a cat is always a pleasant experience. We won’t feel bored or sad because we have such a cute little furry friend trying to play with us. Who can feel sad with something like that next to them? I know I can’t.

So since cats make things much better and interesting, this bookstore decided to use a cat model to advertise and promote their books and DVDs. Sounds like a brilliant idea, doesn’t it? Well, it is because it managed to get a lot of attention from the Internet, and that is what cats are best at! Scroll down below to see the pictures of the cat model in different costumes to promote books and DVDs:

1 She’s even wearing the iconic hat

2 She is posing just like Marilyn. Who did it better

3 Her name is Catniss Everdeen

4 The photographer should have waited for her to show her teefies

5 Meowchael meowdan!

6 This catto isn’t scared of anything

7 She is a very patient catto to be wearing those glasses

8 You just know she is going to rip apart that dinosaur in seconds

9 She’s got style

10 Her fur has the same colour as beard

11 Only this catto can pick up that hammer

12 You could have just used her natural claws

13 The mother of dragons!

14 It is I, want me play a song?

15 The catto is ready

16 Her eyes just scream “pride"

17  I see no difference

18 This one looks like it took a lot of time to prepare

19 Houston, we have no problems

20 This cutie can really pose

21 Catto to the rescue

22 She is looking at the better version

23 We hope the catto lives as long as the Queen

24 Jason Momoa who?

25 That “goose” collar though

26 My cat throws away anything I try to put on her head

27 Why would she need more fur?

28 This catto is too cool for us

29 Look at the earring

30 Red hair, hand-me-down robes. You must be a Weasley

31 Her hair looks better than mine

32 Here is Batcat

33 You shall not purr

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